The library at Northumbria University and Talis have worked in partnership to develop next-generation library analytics for student success. In this blog post, Nick Woolley, Former Director of Student and Library Services, and from August this year Director of Library Services at Sheffield Hallam University, explains how Northumbria University worked with Talis over the past 6 years to improve the student experience. Find out more about their projects, including the latest undertaking, Advanced Management Information System (MIS).

Now that the new academic year is underway, thoughts will start to turn to the next round of budget and business case planning for new services. In most cases, projects taken forward are likely to need services and products sourced from commercial suppliers and third parties. Which all leads to the dreaded procurement process which, more often than not, will be some form of formal procurement or tendering process. In this post, we thought we would round up some lessons
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You may have heard about the new EU directive that aims to ensure a high standard of accessibility for websites for Public Sector Bodies. In the UK we’ve seen new regulations on accessibility for websites and mobile applications. At Talis, we work hard to ensure our systems provide the optimal user experience across devices, browsers, and assistive technologies.

Bishop Grosseteste University implemented Talis Aspire in August 2018. During the first year, the team focused on a small number of courses (English, Maths, Counselling, PGCE Primary, History) and early adopter academics to establish workflows and introduce Talis Aspire. A year after implementation, the library team are moving into Talis Aspire as business as usual.

Using Talis Aspire Advanced Management Information System (MIS), you can easily find out about lists or items that have some data condition that you want people to care about. You might want people to care that their list is considered unloved if it has not been updated for a couple of months. Or maybe they should care that items on their list should have item importance set.  Find out how data in Talis Aspire Advanced MIS can power notifications that
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The University of West England, Bristol (UWE) has adopted Talis Elevate in the Department of Education and Childhood. In this blog post, we discuss with Susan Hughes (Associate Head of Department of Education (Education Engagement)), and Tim Sanderson (Senior Learning Technologist) about their approach to adoption and rollout of Talis Elevate.