The library at Northumbria University and Talis have worked in partnership to develop next-generation library analytics for student success. In this blog post, Nick Woolley, Former Director of Student and Library Services, and from August this year Director of Library Services at Sheffield Hallam University, explains how Northumbria University worked with Talis over the past 6 years to improve the student experience. Find out more about their projects, including the latest undertaking, Advanced Management Information System (MIS).

Supporting home working during COVID-19

Many colleagues in our community have found themselves in a situation where they now need to work from home. This can take some adjustment from thinking about where you can work, where you can take a break, and how can I cope with not seeing colleagues face to face? Many of us at Talis already worked remotely from home as part of our normal routine, but for some this has been a change. Internally, we shared some of our tips
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Collecting resources for homeschooling

Like many parents, I currently find myself in the situation of needing to support my daughter’s schooling from home while I also work. My group of friends, many of whom are teachers, started sharing useful educational resource links on social media.

Talis Elevate: Engaging the silent majority

We’ve all been faced with the dreaded radio silence after asking ‘any questions?’ at the end of a lecture, only to later receive a barrage of emails with the same questions. It’s a common experience in Higher Education and it’s not a problem that’s easy to solve.