The library at Northumbria University and Talis have worked in partnership to develop next-generation library analytics for student success. In this blog post, Nick Woolley, Former Director of Student and Library Services, and from August this year Director of Library Services at Sheffield Hallam University, explains how Northumbria University worked with Talis over the past 6 years to improve the student experience. Find out more about their projects, including the latest undertaking, Advanced Management Information System (MIS).

The following interview took place between Dr Jamie Wood, Principal Lecturer in History in the School of History and Heritage and School Director of Learning and Teaching at the University of Lincoln, and Matt East, Learning Technologies Lead from Talis.  This month, Jamie’s module has surpassed 1000 comments by students on his course material for the current year, in his history course ‘Making Militants’. We spoke to him to find out what he thought was behind this high level of
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The following interview took place between Dr Renan Petersen-Wagner, an academic and course leader at Leeds Beckett University, and Natalie Naik from Talis.  Renan uses Talis Elevate in a 2nd year “Sport Broadcasting” module, made up of 40 students on the Sports Marketing course and 20 students from a Sports Business Management course. The module explores the relationship between media and sport. We wanted to find out more about how Renan was using Talis Elevate and the impact it was
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Meet your Talis Advisory Board

The Talis Advisory Board was set up earlier this year to enable us at Talis to work more closely with those who lead HE libraries in the UK. Find out more about this group and what they hope to achieve in this article, written by our founding members.

30 years of the World Wide Web

This post was written by David Errington, CEO at Talis. To mark the 30th anniversary of the World Wide Web, the annual BBC hosted Richard Dimbleby lecture this year was given by Tim Berners-Lee, widely accredited as the principal inventor of the protocols which make up the Web while working at CERN near Geneva.

The following article was written by Talis Chief Operating Officer, Alison Spencer for the Talis Informer newsletter. A little over a year since SAGE Publishing (SAGE) acquired Talis, it feels like an opportune point to reflect on what this has enabled. At the time of the acquisition, SAGE outlined that they wanted to invest in Talis to enable us to do more of what we were already doing, broadening reach into existing and new markets, as well as looking at
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Google Analytics for Reading Lists

Google Analytics is designed to work best for ‘marketing’ sites where you want high-level views of volumes of hits and are concerned with converting those hits into paid leads.  While there is definitely useful info there for a reading list system, as we know, it is not the end of the story.