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Talis Elevate

For collaborative annotation
  • A platform that brings discussion into course content
  • 17+ content types from scanned chapters to video
  • Insights help faculty fine-tune teaching
  • Students learn together regardless of their location

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How Does Talis Elevate Work?

Designed and built by the UX Team at Talis ❤️

Bring a variety of resources to life

Academics upload a variety of resources to the platform creating custom course packs - from YouTube and images to scanned chapters or uploaded journal articles. Students collaboratively engage with this content and faculty can see who's using the material.

Creates communities in your content

Students can learn a lot from each other. Talis Elevate provides the technical platform for them to co-create knowledge together within the subject matter. Building communal discussion directly into course content.

Gives your students a voice

Students often lack the confidence to speak up in university lectures or online lessons. Talis Elevate gives them the option to participate in discussion anonymously online, giving the silent majority a platform to participate in the conversation.

Reveals insights on student behaviours

See how your reading list resources have been used and interacted with ahead of lectures and seminars or to bolster remote learning; then fine tune your teaching based on our analytics insight.

Direct help to those in need

Analytics in Talis Elevate are focused on active student participation, so you can see who's not engaging with online learning tasks each week. Helps you target help toward those that need it most.

Supports independent learning

Talis Elevate enables students to make private notes in the same SaaS platform. This work can often be invisible to academics. Monitor note-taking by student or by resource, giving a better understanding of how your content is being used.

How Does Talis Elevate Help?

More engaged students

Collaborative reading & commenting helps your students feel more connected to their peers and more confident sharing their views. Talis Elevate brings their discussion into your content. They create knowledge together, help each other out, and pose questions within the subject matter.

Lightens the load for academics

The Talis Elevate platform makes encouraging student discussion easier. Students conduct their own dialogue within multiple content types, including anything from lecture notes to images - fueling their own engagement and accelerating learning.

More effective universities

Talis Elevate analytics give academics insight to help make informed decisions around content delivery and student support, improving teaching effectiveness, student engagement, and retention.