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Introducing APAC Community Discussion Sessions


Have you ever wondered how another university is using Talis Aspire? What types of problems are they solving using the system? How are they engaging academics?

This is the simple premise behind our newly formed APAC Community Discussion sessions. Earlier this year, Talis ran its annual Insight Asia-Pacific event online. The last session of the event was run by our Talis Aspire User Group representatives who facilitated an open discussion on the ways in which users utilise Talis Aspire.

Inspired by this discussion, Talis has begun hosting monthly APAC Community Discussion sessions. The agenda is open for anyone to add to and is a chance to chat freely with other users within the APAC community, to ask questions and share tips or ideas.

So far this year we have run three sessions, during which a number of topics have been discussed. These include: best practices, utilising reviews, managing student numbers, newer editions, implementing reading lists for cohorts with limited access to library resources, integrations, LTI and much more.

Our discussions are completely open and don’t just have to be limited to the Talis Aspire system. Sometimes we might venture off into wider discussion on library and university-related matters such as copyright, hybrid working and open access.

If this is something that sounds of interest to you, session reminders are sent to our APAC Talis Aspire Service Announcements mailing list. If you’re not a member of the mailing list and would like to be, just raise a support ticket and we will get you added. That way you will receive notification of upcoming sessions including a link to register and a calendar invite.

We hope you will join us.

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