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Talis Elevate

Talis Elevate – Looking back over the last academic year

Kayleigh Jane

As we start to approach the summer, we would like to celebrate all the wonderful things academics and students have been doing using Talis Elevate this academic year – and look back on the product development Talis made to improve and enhance the academic and student experience when using Talis Elevate.

Student and academic activity 

Over the last year, academics, like yourselves, have created spaces for nearly 100,000 students to learn, collaborate, and find their voice using Talis Elevate.

We saw:

  • 69,000 class comments across desktop and mobile devices (including 6,000 anonymous comments)
  • 160,000 pindrop annotations across resources
  • 15,000 agrees to comments (with 25% of students expanding on why they hit agree) 
  • 72,000 personal notes made by students on the resources you are teaching with. 

Resources used in numbers

Since August 2021, we have also seen a huge variety and quantity of resources used in teaching for Talis Elevate modules. There were:

  • Over 1,100 modules created 
  • 7,000 documents uploaded, enabling students to collaboratively annotate the texts
  • 1,000 videos (including YouTube) uploaded to our media player, allowing students to watch, collaborate and study all in one space 
  • 300 images uploaded, giving students the opportunity to annotate and discuss within

Take a look back at how some of our community have been putting Talis Elevate into practice.

Product development over the last year

It’s also been an exciting year at Talis, with new features introduced to support you and your students:

  • We gave academics the ability to share Talis Elevate with their colleagues by inviting them within the product, since the launch 82 new academics have been invited to use Talis Elevate from their colleagues 
  • We launched our new Module Manager – improving accessibility and giving academics an easier to use interface when setting up modules.
  • We have upgraded to LTI 1.3 keeping our system secure and allowing us to start working on a rollover solution for next year
  • We now allow both Academics and students to download annotations and personal notes, giving the Talis Elevate conversations an opportunity to carry on beyond the product itself

All that’s left to say is a massive thank you from Talis to our academic community. We wish you a good summer break and look forward to working with you all again at the start of the next academic year to bring even more content and conversation into teaching and learning.

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