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About us

We're an educational technology business with 30 years experience of transforming the lives of students. We connect them to the right content, at the right time and in the right way to enhance their learning journey.

As the world of higher education has evolved, so has Talis. Our mission has always been to support universities as they tackle challenges including student engagement during remote learning and the rapid shift to online learning.

Behind our platform is a team of passionate people and the expert backing of SAGE Publishing. Amongst us are librarians and learning technologists many of whom have worked in universities in a previous life. Once UK-based, we are now located around the world, working towards a common goal.

Discover more about our people in our team blog.

The Team

Choose Talis, and you'll work with a talented team of industry experts. We know our products and services inside out, so we can make sure you get the most value from working with us.

Alison Rooney
Alison Rooney Sales and Marketing Co-ordinator
Alison Spencer
Alison Spencer Chief Executive Officer
Ana Corral
Ana Corral UX Designer
Andrew Bate
Andrew Bate Senior Developer
Ashleigh Danks
Ashleigh Danks Senior Developer
Camille Fenton
Camille Fenton Senior Developer
Dan Matthew
Dan Matthew Developer
Darren Arbon
Darren Arbon Software Developer
David Brooks
David Brooks Architect
David Layton
David Layton Sales Development Representative
David Renfree
David Renfree Support Consultant
Emma Dodd
Emma Dodd Support Consultant
Fadel Combary
Fadel Combary Head of Finance
Grzegorz Rajchman
Grzegorz Rajchman Senior Developer
Helen Anderson
Helen Anderson Account Manager
Ian Corns
Ian Corns Account Manager
Isabelle Laskaris
Isabelle Laskaris Support Consultant
Kayleigh Jane
Kayleigh Jane Senior Product Manager
Keji Adedeji
Keji Adedeji Head of Product
Klaudija Salciute
Klaudija Salciute Software Developer
Laura Unwin
Laura Unwin Services Manager
Lizzie Lee
Lizzie Lee Chief Revenue Officer
Malcolm Landon
Malcolm Landon Senior Developer
Matt East
Matt East Education Lead
Matt Moran
Matt Moran Chief Technology Officer
Mike Rudd
Mike Rudd Senior Developer
Nadeem Shabir
Nadeem Shabir Staff Engineer
Natalie Naik
Natalie Naik Marketing
Paul Dibble
Paul Dibble Business Development Manager
Richard Tattersall
Richard Tattersall Technical Consultant
Ross Singer
Ross Singer Technical Lead
Shaun Parsons
Shaun Parsons Technical Lead
Stephen Belcourt
Stephen Belcourt Sales Manager - North America
Steve Ellis
Steve Ellis Technical Lead
Tim Hodson
Tim Hodson Consulting Manager
Tom Hawkins
Tom Hawkins Consultant
Zena Amos
Zena Amos Product Manager

Join Our Team

Talis is fun and dynamic. There’s no stuffy atmosphere, or old-fashioned corporate set-up. Instead, you’ll join a small and tight-knit team that’s always learning and where everyone makes a difference.

We offer a fully remote and flexible work culture. No commutes - work anywhere from Melbourne to Madrid. No strict schedule - start extra early or late; whatever suits you. It's a refreshingly different approach. If you’re talented and smart-working, we’d love to hear from you.