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Advanced MIS

So you like data? We like data too. Talis Aspire collects data on things like reading lists and resources and the people that use them. This article explores the possibilities provided by access to that data in the Advanced Management Information System (Advanced MIS).

Data about reading lists, digitisation requests, reviews, and resources is collected into a data warehouse. Alongside that we also collect information on how those things are used and by who. Combining the data into a data warehouse also means that you can easily combine Talis Aspire data with data from other systems.

The Advanced MIS data warehouse is a database which allows you to connect third party business intelligence tools and other clients which understand SQL to analyse or consume the data in Talis Aspire.

Who benefits from Advanced MIS?

Library, Academics and University. This is a short para on each, pulling together a few of the key benefits above in more of a narrative.

Why use Advanced MIS?

  • Understanding engagement
  • Value for money
  • Decision-making

Understanding engagement

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Value for money

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Technical and support

There’s reassurance to non-technical people this is feasible to progress with minimal pain, though does acknowledge some technical input is required.
Providing launch pad to key tech/support material – Do we need an article that non-tech people can send tech people, or do we bring out some of that here (i.e. support articles, link to schema, recipes, etc).

Finally, you can also visit which has the Schema (to understand the data we’re recording, and how) as well as a lot more technical information.

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