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Talis Aspire

For resource list management
  • The online resource list platform, fully integrated with your library ecosystem
  • Reduces the burden of reading list administration
  • Insights on student reading benefits academics and libraries alike
  • Easier for students to find and engage with the right resources at the right time

Find out more about Talis Aspire and how we can help you.


How Does Talis Aspire Work?

Designed and built by the UX Team at Talis ❤️

Designed for students

"Extremely user friendly and saves lots of time", says Simon, student at University of Chichester. The reading list can be accessed from any device and directs students to the right version of the resource every time.

Saves faculty's time

With a flexible structure, faculty can use Talis Aspire in a way that compliments their teaching. Save time - do things once in the Resource List Management System and share with other academics or reuse across courses.

Integrates with other systems

Talis Aspire works with many Virtual Learning Environments or Learning Management Systems including Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas and Desire2Learn; and with Library Management Systems like OCLC's WMS and Ebsco's FOLIO, Ex-Libris' Alma, Sirsi Dynix's Symphony, and Koha.

Supports copyright compliance

Our aim is to provide access to fully copyright compliant content seamlessly within Talis Aspire resource lists. Use the Talis Aspire copyright workflows or integrate a third party solution.

A quality platform

250+ releases each year, 99.99% platform up time; and the very highest level of accessibility where possible (or an AA rating where it's not) - we are reliably excellent and proud to support nearly 1.5 million reading lists.

Better decisions with data

Our powerful data warehouse supports customisable local reporting as well as institution-wide learner analytics projects; helping teachers and librarians understand how students are using their course resources. Learn how you can augment Talis Aspire with our Advanced MIS

Backed by experts

Our Talis Services Team is staffed by many former library and training professionals. They are there to support you and share best practices from our 100+ clients from the moment you start working with us.

Learn from our community

Our thriving global Talis Aspire community is a great way to learn from shared experiences. We regularly hold webinars plus our annual Talis Insight and Teach Learn Collaborate Repeat events.

How Does Talis Aspire Help?

Improve your students' experience

Talis improves the student experience in many ways: students like the easy-to-access online list format; lists are less daunting when organised into sections; content can be shared quickly and easily; students can see what is in the library and stop needlessly buying resources.

Help teachers do their best work

Faculty can use Talis Aspire flexibly, in a way that enhances their teaching. Doing things once in Talis Aspire reduces the burden of reading list admin. Annotations, integrations with your library and teaching platforms, and analytics also help academics do their best work and share their domain expertise.

Keep libraries at the heart of learning

Librarians are the unsung heroes of most universities. Talis Aspire provides acquisition, reporting, and copyright management workflows; helping librarians with the tools they need to stay at the heart of teaching & learning. With an average of 10,000 Talis Aspire reading lists per institution we can help reduce library admin dramatically.