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We make it simple to create and manage resource lists that integrate fully with your current systems. At the same time, we provide powerful library back-office functionality, including easy, efficient and compliant digitisation services. Talis Aspire often forms a part of wider university strategies in areas such as Learning & Teaching and engagement analytics.

Why do universities choose Talis Aspire?

icon imageIntegrate with existing systems

Your reading lists are readily embedded in Learning Management Systems such as Moodle, Blackboard and Canvas. They are also integrated with your library catalogues, discovery services, student registry, link resolvers, SAML authentication, citation tools and bookstores.

icon imageSave time with efficient workflows

The bookmarklet tool reduces time required to manually enter resource descriptions by harvesting resource metadata automatically. Students will also benefit from edition checking, as our high quality data sets with the combined power of the Talis Aspire community guides them to the most appropriate edition.

icon imageUnderstand students with analytics

Talis Aspire helps you understand clearly how students use your reading lists and resources, helping you to make more informed resourcing decisions. With our copyright management solution, you will gain an insight into the actual student use of your scans too. The Talis Aspire Reading List dashboard gives academics a unique way to perform regular list health checks. As a result, they'll be able to better understand and support students.

icon imageJoin a powerful and growing community

The growing international Talis Aspire community helps us shape our service. By joining this community, you’ll benefit from all the collective experience of your peers. We make sure best practice is shared amongst all users, by putting on regular events.

icon imageAutomatic copyright clearance checking

Our copyright management solution gives academics and library staff instant compliance decisions they can trust. Our academic digitised content request form has auto-complete fields, which can be embedded and used on most institutional systems. Decisions on whether copyright permission can be obtained are made instantly. Submitted requests are checked against the relevant copyright regulations in your region, the library and other relevant data and services.

icon imageFlexible access to resources

Students can access Digitised Content easily and securely from most devices, from anywhere, at any time. By allowing them to use their mobiles, tablets and desktops you’ll help improve their student experience further. This can be embedded in most university systems, such as the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), and your resource lists.

icon image24/7 support

The Talis Services Team are always there to help. They will be on hand throughout your Talis Aspire journey, from implementation and beyond, to ensure you are getting the most out of Talis Aspire at every point.

icon imageResilient and robust

We know that some times of the year will be busier than others. Our aim is provide you with a consistent experience, no matter how many other users are connected. With universities and students all over the world, our solution is created to work for anyone, anywhere at any time.

Talis Aspire serving -- 105 institutions and counting

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Here's why you'd benefit from using Talis Aspire

Some frequently asked questions

How much does Talis Aspire cost?

Talis Aspire is available in a number of flexible subscription tiers designed to provide the most appropriate access point for any university and to support you as your needs and aspirations grow. Pricing is based on your specific requirements, to find out more please contact sales@talis.com.

Is Talis Aspire available outside of the UK?

Yes, we'd love to hear from you wherever we are. We currently work in Australia and New Zealand, Ireland and Norway and on international campuses in China, Cyprus and Malaysia.

How long does it take to set up Talis Aspire?

Our experienced Customer Services Team will make sure your setup is quick and simple. We aim to have you logging into your service within 15 days of starting your implementation project. This will assist you with your early orientation and planning.

Can I get a demo of Talis Aspire?

A member of our team would be happy to arrange a demo with you, get in touch at sales@talis.com

What type of universities use Talis Aspire?

With over 100 universities using Talis Aspire our customers include everyone from small specialist institutions through to major research and teaching led universities, both government and privately funded.

How do I get started?

Get in touch with sales@talis.com who can discuss Talis Aspire with you and create a plan for how you can make the most of our product within your institution. They will answer any questions you have with the help of the experienced Talis Services team. When it’s time to start using the product, there will be a set-up and migration process carefully managed with your team and with the Talis Services and Consulting teams.

Can I migrate from my existing resource list tool?

Yes, we have migrated over 100 universities from a range of resource list solutions to Talis Aspire.

Can I migrate from the Copyright Licensing Agency DCS solution to Talis Aspire?

Yes, we have already managed this migration successfully with a number of our universities.