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What does it feel like to touch a million lives everyday?

Why work with Talis?

Make a difference

We build products, provide services and strive to apply technology to make education more connected.

At the centre of it all - we are a bunch of innovators. Go getters. Doers. Always looking to solve meaningful problems. We do this by working as small autonomous teams. This means you will have a big impact on whatever project you do.


Every one of us cares about what we do and the lives we touch. We take great care in who we invite to work with us, and once you are here, you will be trusted to do a great job. That trust comes with accountability. We are all accountable for our success, and also for each other.

Get involved

We measure in impact and value. Your responsibility is to your peers, not a timesheet. There are no set hours, and many work remotely.

Each team reports transparently every week. You can ask any questions you like, anytime.

Fully distributed team

Although we've always supported remote working, we are now a fully distributed company.

This means we have no designated office, so staff can work where they want, how they want. Even better, our recruitment process isn't restricted by geography, making your talent the most important factor.

Hack days

We like to solve problems. It's what we do, and we also like a bit of fun!

So about once every few months we put the two together. When one of us got fed up with opening the fridge and find milk is finished, we forged Milkmaid, an internet-enabled sensor. Our wild west 'who broke the build' display places a $6m bounty on our CTO for breaking tests! What will you get involved in?

Find out more

Ready to jump onboard?

No positions that fit the bill? If you have what it takes, or want to know more, get in touch or send in your CV and a covering letter to