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How the University of Nottingham optimised their Talis Aspire reading list management system after 10 years

Alison Rooney

The University of Nottingham have been Talis Aspire users for almost 10 years. A procurement exercise done in the academic year 19/20 confirmed that Talis Aspire remained the best choice for them, but they wanted to be sure they were still making the most of the system.

They undertook a refresh project, to ensure that the system was configured to meet their existing needs and that nothing was outdated. It was also an opportunity to review the way they were using the system, to ensure resource lists were being created and shared in an optimal way.

Their aims were to:

  • Enhance the experience for staff and students
  • Improve their workflows
  • Explore how analytics and functionality in the system could reduce costs

Watch the video below to learn more about the project and the process they went through:

To learn more about Talis Aspire resource lists, click here, or raise a support ticket to speak to the Services Team about refreshing your own system.

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