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Talis Elevate

Welcoming Chris Lewis to the Talis Elevate Team

Alison Rooney

Hello and thank you for the warm welcome to Talis.

I’ve joined the team in a Business Development role to help promote Talis Elevate.

My career has always been working in Higher Education since graduation in 2014, during that time I’ve worked for two of the biggest academic publishers pushing and customising content in print and digital resources to help improve engagement within the HE sector and increase revenue year on year. I primarily worked with Module Leaders, Heads of Departments and occasionally met with the Deans, so I’m pretty familiar with the common challenges that lecturers and departments face within HE.

I’m excited to work with Talis Elevate and genuinely believe it’s a great product that will help students and academics to collaboratively engage, simple yet powerful – the best type of technology!

When I’m not working or entertaining my 2 year old son then I’ll either be in the swimming pool or playing a game of Chess. I’m also slowly working towards my grade 2 on the Piano after failing to achieve it as a child.

Looking forward to getting to know you all on a more personal level.

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