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Cream Tea and Talis with Falmouth University

Emma Dodd

During one of our routine Services calls with Falmouth University, Rosie Enys, Academic Liaison Librarian, explained that they had recently run a very successful themed event around academic engagement and the use of online reading lists.

We asked her to share a few words on the event, you can read her post and see the poster used to promote the event below:

In a discussion about new ways to engage academic staff with Talis Resource Lists, a library colleague suggested hosting a Cream Tea and Talis event. The Academic Liaison Librarians and the Digital Resources Officer planned the event to appeal to Talis newbies and also to existing Talis users.

Timing is always important. Fortunately, this year, the academics were to undertake a programme of Core Academic Training (CAT) and so we tied our event into the schedule for the week. The CAT was about sharing good practice on specific themes. The blended and inclusive learning aspects were useful in making Talis Resource Lists relevant and the event timely.

Turnout was much higher than expected and the academic staff were interested and positive about what Talis Resource Lists offered them and their students. The event was a social occasion and offered the opportunity for staff to talk across disciplines, creating a great atmosphere.

Many of the academics brought their own laptops and began building lists and asking questions making it feel like a workshop as well as a summer gathering over a cream tea. Staff left the event enthusiastic about Talis Resource Lists and reassured by the continued support offered by the Library team.


Thanks Rosie, for sharing the outcome of this event with us! It’s great to hear about ways our user community is promoting Talis Aspire within their institutions.

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