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Reading List of the Week – Approaches to History, St Mary’s University Twickenham

Natalie Naik
Reading list of the week

Our Reading List of the Week is Approaches to History, from St Mary’s University Twickenham London by academic Mark Donelly.

This list complements the history course and adds context for reading into history resources. The list is broken up by topic, such as ‘General texts on doing history’ which contains books on studying and learning about history as well as items that would be useful for various parts of the course, such as the main essay, as shown below.

st marys 1

Throughout this list, where an online resource appears, the academic has added details on the print version also, to give students the choice, depending on their preference. The academic has also added notes such as ‘chapter 9’ to help guide the students to the most relevant sections of the book.

st marys 2

The list was created for the 2015-16 year for around 50 students, and since its creation 9 months ago, has had 222 page views and 107 total clicks.

Do you have a list you’d like to share? Send an email to or tweet us the link, @Talis with the hashtag #ReadingListoftheweek



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