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5 questions for Simon Thomson


As promised here are the 5 questions David White asked Simon Thomson, and Simon’s reponses.

1. What excited you the most about Talis Insight 2015? And why did you agree to get involved?
The mix of people and roles. HEI’s are complex spaces and we will only ever see change or meaningful impact if we work together in our different roles. I am glad to see that Talis Insight brings together people with a variety of roles.

2. What can people expect to hear from you in April at Talis Insight?
Our work on embedding digital literacy into our undergraduate curriculum and the importance of the differing roles to support that.

3. If you could start a rumour about you, what would that be?
That Sir Ken Robinson’s work on “Changing Education Paradigms” was inspired by me when he presented a prize to me when I was at school (last part is true).

4. What is the one piece of technology your institution couldn’t function without?
David beat me to the WiFi response so I will go with……………………….coffee machine!

5. Give a tip on how to influence staff to use edtech more effectively?
To have more conversations and less technology.

I would like to thank Simon for taking the time to send his responses. He has nominated Mark Brown to answer the same questions next.

We will post Mark’s responses soon. So watch this space!

What question would you like to ask Simon?

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