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Talis uses certain sub-processors to assist in providing Talis’s products and services. A sub-processor is a third party data processor engaged by Talis (who are managed by us) which may have access to process customer and/or end user data to the extent necessary to enable them to provide the relevant services to Talis, in accordance with the terms of a written contract between Talis and the sub-processor, as part of the provision of services by Talis to its Customers. 

Current relevant third party service providers are listed below.

Talis Products

3rd party sub-processors used in the products: Talis Aspire & Talis Elevate 

EntityPurposeTypes of data processedApplicable Product / ServicesData location
Amazon Web Services (AWS)Hosts and provides our services to customers.  Data submitted to Talis Aspire and Talis Elevate is stored in a secure multi-tenanted cloud provider.  All data is encrypted in transit, and customers data is segregated logically to ensure no cross over of data.All data submitted to the applicable product / services.Talis Aspire
Talis Elevate
EU (for customers in Europe and Asia Pacific)Canada (for customers in North America), IncAn analytics provider that Talis uses to capture how users interact with our products. Talis uses this information to analyze and improve the Products. We will also use this product for in-app guidance and messaging for users. The primary information Pendo has access to is information in and associated with the Talis product that the End-User is interacting with, such as pages viewed, items clicked.UserID
AddressRole e.g. student /academic
Talis Aspire
Talis Elevate
Google AnalyticsProvides Talis and our customers with end user analytics such as number of visitors and page views.IP AddressTalis Aspire
Talis Elevate

Talis Services

Talis customer support and consultancy services

EntityPurposeTypes of data processedApplicable ServicesData location
BasecampNew customers implementation software to manage setup of all new customers.Name
Phone Number
Customer SupportUS
ZendeskCustomer support management product which Talis uses to manage our customer and user support requests.Name
Email Address
OrganisationIP AddressPhone
Customer SupportEU
ProdPadA product management workflow tool which includes a customer feedback module that allows Talis to collect, manage and respond to customer feedback and link it to our development ideas and roadmap. Name
Customer feedbackEU
UserVoiceCustomer feedback collection and voting tool that Talis uses to collect, manage and respond to customer feedback.Name (optional)
Email address
IP Address
Customer feedbackUS
Google WorkspacesTalis uses Google Workspaces for email, documents, spreadsheets, and other business functional tasks.Name
Email Address
Postal Address

If you have any questions regarding Talis sub-processors, please contact