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Teach Learn Collaborate Repeat Podcast

A teaching and learning podcast hosted by Talis.

Talking teaching and tech with experts from across higher education.

In this teaching and learning podcast, we’ll be exploring the latest trends and projects from across the Higher Education sector, behind the scenes at an EdTech company, and exploring careers in Higher Education. This podcast was created following a successful teaching and learning event named ‘Teach Learn Collaborate Repeat’ in July 2021, to continue the conversation and collaboration with our community.

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Recent episodes from Teach Learn Collaborate Repeat

FEB 22

Episode 0: About the Teach Learn Collaborate Repeat Podcast

What can you expect from the podcast? A quick hello from hosts Matt East, Education Lead at Talis and Natalie from Marketing.

FEB 22

Episode 1: Reading Videos

In this episode, Parama Chaudhury, Professor (Teaching) at the Department of Economics, University College London talks to Natalie from Talis about her ‘Reading Videos’ project. This project seeks to provide a model to students for engaging with resources more effectively.

FEB 22

Episode 2: Talking Annotation with Remi Kalir

In this episode, Remi Kalir, author of Annotation and Associate Professor, Learning Design & Technology at UC Denver discusses the world of annotation and marginalia with Talis’s Matt East. From the way annotation plays a role within our daily lives, to how it can have an impact on students’ reading habits.

MAR 22

Episode 3: What Is a Reading List For? With Oxford Brookes University

In this episode, Hazel Rothera, Academic Liaison Development Team Leader and Dan Croft, Scholarly Communications and Research Team Leader, Oxford Brookes University, join Matt East, Education Lead at Talis to share their ‘What is a reading list for?’ project. This project explores how reading lists can best support academics and students. We learn about the framework and guidance they’ve put in place, and hear successful case studies that have come out of the project.

APR 22

Episode 4: Dr Graeme Pedlingham on his career in Higher Education

In this episode, Dr. Graeme Pedlingham, Deputy PVC for Student Experience at the University of Sussex talks to Natalie from Talis about his career in Higher Education, advice he’d give to other working in the sector and his view on the current HE landscape.

AUG 22

Episode 6: Samantha Sharman explores student perspectives on reading lists

In this episode, Matt East from Talis talks to Samantha Sharman, a Classical Studies BA student from the University of Lincoln, about their joint research project exploring student perspectives on reading lists. Find out more about the role reading lists play in the digital space and how these findings can inform best practice for how students engage with academic material.

MAY 22

Episode 5: Fran Garrad-Cole on getting students to run a marathon with innovative pedagogy

In this episode, Matt East from Talis talks to Dr Fran Garrad-Cole about her optional module where through teaching theories on motivational psychology, goal setting, self-determinism and resilience, they finish the course by running a marathon.

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