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Talis Match

As a library leader 

  • Are you looking to streamline services and want to talk to somebody that has already done this with Talis Aspire? 
  • Would you find it useful to talk to another university or user with similar needs and challenges? 
  • Are you looking to brainstorm an idea with a peer, or even collaborate on a project around a shared area of interest?

Are your library teams…

  • Trying to solve a problem?
  • Struggling with one area of delivering a reading list service, such as acquisition processes or academic engagement?

What is Talis Match?
The strength of the Talis community lies in the knowledge and experience of its members. Talis Match was created to help you explore new ways to connect with others who have shared problems, solutions or interests, to quickly, easily and effectively achieve results.

Why get involved?

  • Finding partners and mentors: talk to people who’ve solved a similar problem and successfully navigated career progression and career-building projects using Talis Aspire
  • No need to ‘re-invent the wheel’: chances are someone in a similar role is grappling with or solving a similar problem—pool your ideas for a faster resolution
  • Two heads are better than one: come up with something new and unique or something hadn’t considered doing
  • Knowing you’re not alone: the community has unparalleled value. In the current climate keeping interaction and pooling our knowledge is essential

If you are interested in Talis Match please fill out the form below: