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Talis Insight Asia-Pacific 2022

This event took place on the 18th and 19th January 2022. We invited speakers to share best practice and stories with peers in Higher Education libraries.


Stop the Shaming! Wikipedia is a Legitimate Source in the Research Process

While instructors have warned students not to trust Wikipedia as a credible source, it has become a center for current research on COVID-19 and now includes links to texts that can be checked out via Controlled Digital Lending. It’s time to reconsider the credibility and value of Wikipedia in the research process and to include it as a legitimate source for students.

Lynn Silipigni Connaway, Director of Library Trends and User Research, OCLC


Journey to a dashboard! Sharing learnings from the Understanding Digital Resources Access Behaviour project

At La Trobe University Library, making reading list data visible is part of an ongoing journey to bring analytics into our academic collaborations and conversations about student learning. Our road to a dashboard has been filled with insights which we would like to share with others considering a similar journey!

Andy Frampton, Senior Coordinator, Library Planning & Governance, La Trobe University


Power BI-Learning as you go

Using Advanced MIS data and Power BI, La Trobe University were able to unlock an unexpected world of possibilities for both data visualisations and workflow efficiencies.

Through experimentation we have been able to combine data sources from Library Management System and our Course Management System assisting with high demand management, hierarchy and digitisation rollovers.

Jamie McDonald, Senior Collections Officer, La Trobe University


CAUL Enabling a Modern Curriculum program

Learn about the goals of the program, and hear an update on OER.

Fiona Salisbury, Executive Director Library and University Librarian, La Trobe University

Kate Davis, Director, Strategy & Analytics, CAUL


Supporting Digital Reading

Learn how academics are helping students to overcome the challenges of online learning, supported by research done as part of the ‘Active Online Reading’ project we are sponsoring along with universities such as UCL and the University of Nottingham.

Matt East, Education Lead, Talis

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