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Talis Elevate

Building collaboration, engagement and insight into the heart of your resources.


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Why use Talis Elevate?

Designed and built by the Experience Team at Talis ❤️

Bring your resources to life

We’ve all been there, you ask students if they’ve done the weekly reading and the majority of the class look at their feet in silence. Talis Elevate helps bring your resources to life, meaning students can navigate through the subject matter together, help each other, and you can see who’s actually engaged with the content.

Create an active learning environment in your content

The start of the learning journey starts with the content we use in teaching. Talis Elevate allows you to build activity directly into that content, be it discussion, questioning, critical thinking or analysis/review.

Students learn from each other just as much (if not more) than they learn from you. Talis Elevate provides the platform for students' to create knowledge together within the subject matter that they can take ownership of.

Give your students a voice

Students often don’t have the confidence to speak out in class. Talis Elevate enables them to engage in discussion anonymously online, giving the silent majority a platform to engage in discussion activity.

Shape your teaching based on student interaction

There are times we don't know anything about how the content has been engaged with ahead of the lecture. Now, you can see how your resources have been used and interacted with ahead of time, meaning you can adjust your teaching, content, and dialogue with the cohort based on our analytical insight.

Target those that really need help

We’ve only got so much time, and helping those that really need it is really important. Analytics in Talis Elevate are focused on active student engagement, so you can see who’s not engaging with the tasks each week.

Supporting independent learning

Talis Elevate enables students to take private notes as well as engage in class conversation all from the same place. Enable your students to shape their thinking around the subject matter through the class level conversations that occur. This work can often be invisible to academics. Analytics in Talis Elevate allows you to monitor this activity by student or by resource, giving you a better understanding of how your content is being used across the course.

Who benefits from Talis Elevate?


Students can find resource engagement an isolating experience. They don’t have any insight into what their peers are thinking about the resources and no idea what others have done with these resources.

In addition to this, a number of students don’t feel confident speaking out and asking questions, either in or out of the classroom. Talis Elevate brings collaboration back into the resource, meaning students can build their discussion directly into the content to create knowledge together, help each other out, and pose questions within the subject matter.

Faculty and Course Leaders

Engaging students with resources can be tough, as can drawing discussion out of students both online and face to face.

With Talis Elevate, the discussion lives within the content, providing more focussed, targeted, and contextualised conversation in a number of ways. Now, you can build dialogue with your students across multiple content types, building activities into anything from lecture notes to YouTube content, scanned chapters of books to images.

With Talis Elevate, academics have a new level of insight into how their content is being used by students, so they can adapt their teaching, their content, and target students who require more support.

The University

Time with students is a precious commodity. Our shared goal is to help students along the learning journey as effectively as possible. We can support this by enabling our academics to build more collaboration and a deeper understanding within the content they are providing, Talis Elevate is helping do just that.

Talis Elevate analytics are designed to help academics gain insight to help make informed decisions around content delivery and student support, enabling academics to improve their teaching effectiveness, student engagement, and retention.

Sign up for a free trial now and enjoy the benefits of Talis Elevate for a semester.