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Talis Elevate Product Update December 2019

Incorporating Digitisations into Talis Elevate

We have some exciting news! From January, we will be supporting the use of Digitised Content, requested using Talis Aspire Copyright Clearance, within Talis Elevate. We have undertaken this work to ensure that you can use a key resource type for collaborative learning activity alongside other resources in Talis Elevate.

How will this work?

If you have a matching module code in Talis Elevate to a resource list for a module, we will surface these resources in Talis Elevate when you access the ‘add resource’ modal. We will show you the recent digitisations, and you’ll be able to search for these by the citation.  When you select one to place in your VLE, this will be added to your course just like any other resource.

These resources will then continue to feed back to the Library for Copyright reporting. You’ll also be able to access this resource via your reading list, with all the comments and analytics showing as well.

As with the current digitisation process, these resources will have a front cover added with a copyright notice.



To make it easier for you to identify which resources are digitisations, we will also be badging these throughout Talis Elevate alongside other resource types. This badging will appear in the Module Manager and ‘add resource’ areas of Talis Elevate.



Finally, these resources will have an expiry date due to copyright limitations, that are set at the point of request. If a resource has expired or is not available yet, we will be providing a placeholder on these resources to tell your students what they can do next.



This is a great enhancement, as so many of our current users made use of the Talis Aspire Copyright Clearance workflow, and now, if you have a Talis Elevate license, you can also use this content in Talis Elevate for collaborative learning activity alongside all your other content.

We will be turning this on for your institution in the new year, once we have liaised with your main institutional contact. Watch this space!