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Talis Elevate Product Update July 2019

Showing Resource Title and Description in the Player


Why have we done this? 

When using Talis Elevate, it’s commonplace for academics to build activity directly into resources, that obviously requires some guidance for the cohort. In many Virtual Learning Environments, the ability to provide context around the activity in a clear way can be surprisingly time-consuming, and when students access resources, they don’t have that guidance at the forefront of their focus. 


When you upload a resource in Talis Elevate, you are greeted with the opportunity to add a description to the resource. Previously, this only showed in the ‘preview’ view of Elevate when embedded into the VLE. 




Now, we surface this in the player itself, meaning students can access the guidance whilst in the document directly from any point.



Users will be able to expand and collapse the description from within the player, so you can provide comprehensive guidance to your students on the task at hand.



As part of this work, we have also moved some of the icons around in the Player, but don’t worry, all the functionality and features you’re used to still work the same.




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