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Talis Elevate Product Update December 2019

New Analytics modal in resources 

A couple of months back, we told you that we’d been reviewing the current analytics modal to try and make sure this is even more useful for you.

As it’s Christmas, we thought we’d give you another bit of good news! We will be releasing before teaching next semester. 

We’ve spent loads of time speaking with our academic users and students, to get to the bottom of what would be really useful for you to know with resource-level insight. Thanks to your input, we’ve made some changes to make it even easier to find out the key info.

We also believe it’s really important to be transparent with students, so we’ve made changes to their personal analytics view as well. This will now be more explicit in showing the students on your course how they are engaging in relation to the rest of the cohort. 

We have further enhancements to make to analytical insight throughout Talis Elevate and will keep you updated on these as bring these into the product.