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Talis Elevate Product Update August 2019

Coming Soon; new analytics view in the Talis Player 

As we’re releasing our Module Manager, we’ve taken the opportunity to also refresh the analytics in the Talis Player. When speaking to customers, we’ve found that there are normally a few key questions that are trying to be answered when using the analytics dashboard.

  • How many of my students have engaged with this resource? 
  • How much time is being spent interacting with this resource by my students? 
  • How many comments are being made (and by how many users)?
  • Which elements of this resource are being utilised? 
  • How are individuals making use of this? 

Because of this, we’ve simplified the analytics we display, by putting the answers to these questions right at the forefront of the modal. You’ll be able to see the cohort level information from the launch of the modal and also look into specifics of how individual students are utilising this content. This information will be available in each resource you use in your teaching. 


If you want to find out more detail, you’ll be able to jump out to the Module Manager to get a module-level insight into resource usage and student engagement. 

We will also be updating the student view of their own analytics. They’ll be able to see how they’ve used this resource in relation to the rest of the cohort. 


Whilst this is work in progress and subject to some changes, we wanted to give you a flavour of the changes we’re making.