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Teach Learn Collaborate Repeat

23rd November 2022


Neil Mosley, Education Consultant specialising in digital and online education in learning design
Creating the conditions for online activities and learning
Dr Ian Robson, Associate Professor, Northumbria University
Student Panel: Grace Fletcher, Final year undergraduate student, Childhood & Early Years Studies and Millie Peacock, Final undergraduate student, Childhood & Early Years Studies
Angela Rhead, Senior Curriculum Developer, Keele University
A Blessing or a Punishment? Using Talis Elevate to facilitate differentiated activities
Jamie Wood, Professor of History and Education, University of Lincoln
Active Online Reading: key findings and next steps
Mary Willis, Senior Lecturer, University of Lincoln
How we used SAGE Catalyst in our teaching
Sam Parr, Learning Technologist, University of Leicester, Aimee Merrydew, Curriculum Developer , Keele University and Mary Jacob,  Lecturer in Learning and TeachingAberystwyth University