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Talis Aspire

We make it easy to create and manage resource lists that support your university and library strategies.


Find out more about Talis Aspire and how we can help you.

Why use Talis Aspire?

Designed and built by the Experience Team at Talis ❤️

Access wherever, and however you like

Talis Aspire is designed from the ground up to be accessed on a range of devices including laptops and mobile devices, from anywhere, at any time.

At Talis we build and support our systems in house using the latest technologies. Our system architecture ensures Talis Aspire is always available, no matter how busy.

Accessible by design

Using our own dedicated User Experience team, Talis Aspire is designed from the ground up using the latest UX standards to ensure access and improved experience for all users. We aim for AAA WCAG accessibility rating wherever possible, and achieve at least AA rating.

Address affordability

Talis Aspire helps ensure that students can access their learning resources as cost-effectively as possible.

We do this by helping you maximize the resources already owned and licensed by the university. We also support the inclusion of 'free' resources on your lists (such as webpages, Youtube video content, Open Access resources).

Expert support

Our specialist Talis Services Team is always there to help. Supporting you from the moment you start working with us and throughout your subscription, tailored to support your aims and needs.

Integrate with existing systems

Talis Aspire provides the 'glue' that integrates with and adds value to your existing library and university systems, helping to bring these together for users. Nowhere is this more important than with your Learning Management System, ensuring content is fully embedded in the workflows of your students and faculty.

Copyright scanning compliance

Talis Aspire provides the ability to deeply integrate your copyright scanning processes, by using the Talis Aspire copyright workflows that comply with local licenses and practices.

Our aim is to provide access to fully compliant content seamlessly integrated with Talis Aspire resource lists, providing ease of access for students and efficient workflows for faculty and library users.

Join a powerful and growing community

The growing international Talis Aspire community helps us shape our service. By joining this community, you’ll benefit from all the collective experience of your peers.

Powerful analytics and management information

Talis Aspire helps you clearly understand how students use your reading lists and resources, helping you to make more informed resourcing decisions.

We provide analytics dashboards supported by a powerful data warehouse to support customizable local reporting as well as wider institutional analytics programs.

Who benefits from Talis Aspire?


Students live 'online' and access to their learning resources is no different. They expect to find the relevant information in the right places. Talis allows you to transform the student experience by putting resources at the heart of their learning. With a range of functionality designed to help students organize their study, Talis Aspire really is an essential tool.

Faculty and Course Leaders

Talis Aspire is a proven tool, streamlining processes and supporting teaching. With its flexible structure and intuitive interface, faculty are able to use Talis Aspire in a way that suits them, their students, and their teaching methods. Doing things once in Talis Aspire and share anywhere. Add in annotations, citation styles, Learning Management System integration and analytics, and Talis Aspire becomes their one-stop tool for teaching/learning resources.

The Library

Libraries want to get the right resources to the right users, always with an eye on budgets. Talis Aspire is the bridge between what is being used to teach, what students need to access, and what libraries need to provide or support. Of course, Talis Aspire provides class-leading acquisitions, reporting, and copyright management workflows, but it is more than that. Talis Aspire helps to position the library at the heart of the teaching & learning experience for all users and stakeholders.

Modern management information dashboards, and access to comprehensive analytics, are further enhancing the role of libraries across their institutions and helping them to deliver against key strategic aims.

The University

If students, faculty, and library are all benefiting from Talis Aspire, so is the wider institution. Talis has a key role in supporting a wide range of key strategic drivers, from cost-saving to student experience, retention, digital-first, Teaching & Learning, Open Access, and copyright compliance.

Find out more about Talis Aspire and how we can help you.