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Talis Aspire User Group

Talis is proud to support the work of the Talis Aspire User Group (TAUG). Membership of TAUG is available to any institution that uses Talis Aspire.

TAUG acts as the voice of our diverse user community and organises events independently of Talis, but we liaise closely with the group representatives to gather feedback from TAUG events. Typically Talis will also ensure a presence at TAUG meetings to update the community on our future plans, and to listen to the thoughts of practitioners.

As well as organising events, TAUG reps also select the annual winner of the
Innovation award at Talis Insight each year. This award recognises creative uses of Talis Aspire, with the community invited to submit details of individual projects they have worked on. Two of our reps were also responsible for facilitating a discussion on the ‘Shift to Online’ at this year’s Talis Insight.

TAUG reps typically serve for 2 years, with the positions regularly rotated to enable greater involvement from a range of institutions.

“One of the strengths of Talis is the sense of community among customers. TAUG contributes to this as the user voice. A highlight for me is seeing the nominations for the TAUG Award. We can all learn from the wide range of creativity and innovation happening throughout Higher Education, from acquisitions to teaching.”
Allie Taylor, University of Worcester, Talis Aspire User Group representatives