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Talis Ambassador

The Talis Ambassador scheme is designed to deliver a range of unique opportunities for selected customers to take their partnership with Talis to the next level,  whilst providing a range of exciting benefits.

Help us with things like references, publications, and events, and we will recognise that contribution through unique professional development support, sponsorship, and our exciting new annual study tour bursary.

What is a Talis Ambassador?
Talis Ambassadors are individuals who use, understand, and value Talis Services and are willing to share that with the wider community. In return, your contribution is recognised with a range of unique benefits.

We would be asking you to do things like:

  • Join our pool of referenceable Talis customers
  • Regularly contribute to publications – e.g., case studies
  • Speak at Talis events and external events
  • Share your Talis product expertise through our Talis Match program

Why get involved? 

  • Annual study tour bursary*
  • Professional development support and certification
  • Speaking opportunities
  • Sponsored conference attendance
  • Recognition and involvement at Talis events

This is just for starters, as the Talis Ambassador scheme evolves, so will the benefits. What more would you like to see us offer?

*This is an exciting and unique new opportunity that will see one study tour idea selected from submitted ideas and funded by Talis. These may be national or international and relevant to the Talis community. 

If you are interested in Talis Ambassador, please complete this form: