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Snr Product Manager

Learn more about Talis and the role

Thank you for your interest in the Senior Product Manager at Talis. We’re excited to help you learn more about us and why this is an exciting role to apply for.

Here’s a video from our Head of Product, Keji who will discuss the following:

  • Introduction: 0:00
  • A bit about me: 01:04
  • Why Talis?: 02:25
  • Our product organisation: 08:14
    • Our team principles: 09:27
    • Who we’re looking for: 14:06
  • Why this role is exciting: 17:20
  • Why we’re doing things a bit differently: 23:59

We’re doing things a bit differently for recruiting this role

We’re doing things a little differently in our recruitment process for the product team. Our goals are to:

  • Exclude our unconscious biases from the process 
  • Learn more about you, earlier in the process 
  • Reduce the number of stages you have to go through
  • Help you learn as much about Talis and our team to help inform your decision

Bringing new team members is one of the most important things we do in growing our organisation, and we want to make every part of our interaction with candidates as informative and effective as possible.

What’s involved in the process

  • If you have been contacted by our recruiter and you are interested in applying, they will direct you to our application page.
  • If you have organically discovered our job specification, it will include the usual application requirements, but in addition, we ask you to complete a very short questionnaire (3 questions). 
  • Our goal with the questionnaire is to learn very early on, your product thinking and written communication, what you’re looking for in a product organisation and what you value in teams early in the  process and to bypass the typical recruiter screening and subsequent 30 minute “chat” that follows.
    • Your name, CV and any other identifying information will be stripped from your answers before they are reviewed. This information will only be revealed when you get to the next stage
    • Your answers will be reviewed against a standardised scoring rubric, so that it doesn’t matter who reviews your application
    • If you score well on the initial product screening, you will then be invited for an interview.
  • The interview process will consist of:
    • 1st round
      • Product task session with the Head of product (30mins – 1hr). You’ll be asked to participate in a whiteboard session to create a new product (this could be in an area you are passionate about or one may be assigned)
      • Panel interview (1-1.5hr) with representatives from the product, engineering and UX team, this will be scored against a standardised rubric to ensure consistency and remove biases
      • Both stages will be on the same day, but we will try to build in a break between the sessions, if that works for you as we understand the intensity of interview situations. This should take no more than 3hrs total, including a break.
      • We will let you know if you have progressed to the next stage within 24hrs
    • 2nd round – Shorter interviews/conversations (20mins) with other members of the organisation, key stakeholders you will work with
      • These will be much shorter sessions and we will try to hold them all on the same day
      • Once again, we can build in breaks if that works for you as we understand the intensity of interview situations. This should take no more than 2hrs including any breaks.
  • If you are successful in the second round, once we have reviewed the performance of all candidates in the process at that time, we will let you know if you’ve been successful within 24-48hrs
  • You can ask us as many questions during the process, in and outside of the formal interviews
  • We will try to minimise the time between stages as we value your time and understand you might be in this process with other organisations.
  • We are not setting a closing date for this and will be operating on the approach of making an offer once we see a great candidate.