We want you to get the most possible value from your investment in our product suite. To help you do this, we provide a range of tailored advice, support and guidance services. With our help, you’ll have Talis Aspire up and running quickly - and with the least possible fuss.

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Getting you up and running quickly

Some institutions want us to take care of their digitised content. Others want us to run their reading lists. In more and more cases, we’re asked to do both; Talis Implementation Services focus on tailoring the Talis Aspire service to meet your local goals and objectives in a timely manner.

The Talis team can offer you a variety of support, working to tailor the service to best meet your needs.

Every university requires their own individual configuration of Talis Aspire, Talis support this by setting up individual tenancies. Your tenancy setup project ensures this configuration truly reflects your business needs, covering core integrations –  Learning Management System (Virtual Learning Environment), Discovery Layer OPAC, Z39.50, OpenURL, Campus Bookstore – as well as customisation of your tenancy attributes and workflows. You will be assigned a Support Consultant who will work with you to ensure your Talis Aspire system best reflects your university’s individual needs. The Talis team will have asked that you complete a Tenancy Setup Questionnaire, once this is completed we are ready to kick off your Talis Aspire implementation, working to get this completed usually within 2 weeks allowing you and the local team to start using and familiarising yourselves as soon as possible. To find out more about what’s involved in a tenancy setup, please contact us.

For those universities who already have existing reading lists or digitisations in another system, it is important to be confident that the investment made is preserved when transitioning to Talis Aspire. Our data conversion analyst will work with your team to ensure your requirements are effectively understood and specified, as well as manage the entire conversion project end to end. No two conversions are the same, though a typical project will run between 2-6 weeks depending on complexity and size. What does stay the same is the quality, accuracy and consistency of the list data once it is loaded into Talis Aspire. To discuss your data conversion needs with us, please contact us.

It is important for all universities that the look-and-feel Talis Aspire reflects local branding and style. Our designers will work with your project team and advisors to ensure your Talis Aspire tenancy does just this.

A design project will typically take 2 weeks from receipt of your assets and will include a design kick-off, sandbox and roll-out to live.

All design projects will require you to supply:

  • University branding/web style guidelines
  • Location of a logo file that we can use

More detail can be found in our knowledge base: Design and branding. The Talis team will start this conversation as part of your Talis Aspire Setup. If in the meantime you would like further information, please contact us.

How your institutional hierarchy is reflected within Talis Aspire is important for all universities, not only in providing students the ability to browse and discover their reading lists, but far more importantly to support deeper integration to other systems such as the LMS (Learning Management System). To ensure your institutional hierarchy is accurately reflected within Talis Aspire, we will work with you to assess, convert and test your submitted hierarchy data to meet your specific needs. Please contact us if you would like to find out more in advance of you Talis Aspire Setup starting.

Delivering a seamless authentication experience for students and staff is essential for all universities, which is why Talis Aspire will always be integrated into your SAML 2 enabled devolved authentication solution. See our list of frequently used systems.

Talis work with local federations acting as an intermediary between service providers (Talis), and identity providers (universities) to facilitate a fast and effective means of authentication. Contact us to find out more about integration between Talis Aspire and your devolved authentication system.

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System Management

Doing the hard work for you

Talis Aspire is a Software as a Service (SaaS). The Talis team manage all day-to-day delivery, maintenance, and required upgrades, storing all data in the cloud. Unlimited cloud storage cuts your operational and data storage costs. These savings will help you justify the decision to choose Talis Aspire.

Talis Aspire is now usually one of many SaaS solutions a university uses to build the student and academic provision that they choose. Over time, the services your university offers will evolve, this means working to ensure all integration points are reflected in Talis Aspire. The Talis team will work closely with your team to ensure an effective transition of integrations. We can help with:

Planning the best way to use Talis Aspire’s time period rollover function? Take advice from other universities who have integrated rollovers into their yearly maintenance cycle.

You can do this yourself, using the information in our knowledge base and there are also frequently asked questions to refer to.

If you would like us to support you in your rollover and make sure that all the required changes happen to the right lists, at the right time, then please contact us now to schedule your rollover.

If you are about to change your library’s online public access catalogue, we can help you make the transition painless for Talis Aspire.

Talis Aspire works with a wide range of Online Public Access Catalogues. We will work with you to manage the changes to bookmarking and cataloguing across your whole tenancy, with the minimum of fuss.

This is no more than a half days effort, but can make the difference between last minute panic and calm methodical pre-planned success. Find out more about this in our knowledge base, and contact us to schedule your migration.

If you have been tasked with generating a report around your institution’s usage of Talis Aspire which extends the realms of what is possible within every-day Talis Aspire reports, then get in touch with us.

We can work with you to arrange bespoke reporting and understand how the report fits into the wider Talis Aspire ecosystem.

Find out more in our knowledge base, or contact us.

Your university may change the authentication mechanism used to log in to Talis Aspire. If this happens, we will need to migrate users of Talis Aspire from one mechanism to another.

Talis Aspire can run authentication systems in parallel to give users a chance to switch.

Get in touch as soon as you know you have to complete a migration to a new authentication system, we can then work out what we need to do in order to support your migration.

If you need to make changes to data in Talis Aspire, where that data appears in many places – or affects many lists or items at once, then we can work with you to make this happen.

Global data changes might be required when:

  • You want to update URLs from one form to another
  • You want to purge unwanted data
  • You want to tidy existing data

There are many other reasons you might want to transform data, so if you have a global requirement, get in touch, and we can work to explore your requirements.

Are you getting the most out of Talis Aspire’s constantly evolving feature set?  Are you asked by senior management whether Talis Aspire is a good investment?

It is easy to get caught up in a way of doing things which might be superseded by newer functionality within Talis Aspire, so this review of your tenancy will give you advice on how to improve and get the most from your implementation.

Contact us for a full list of things that we will check in your tenancy, and to find out how we will report that back to you.

If you want to have your own playground, to play with Talis Aspire features, test integrations and plan rollout training of new functionality, then a sandbox tenancy is for you.

We can set up a mirror of your existing tenancy which allows you to plan ahead for all major changes to design and to functionality before enabling those changes on your live system.

Sandbox tenancies would be available on a yearly subscription, to give you time to plan those big changes.

Contact us to find out more about this service.

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Sharing our experience

We want you and your staff to gain the most value from Talis Aspire; focused on getting up and working as quickly and easily as possible.
Universities rely on us for both general and topic-specific training courses. We offer on-site training, and remote webinar training tailored to your requirements.

Focused on giving your team a quick guide to using Talis Aspire. This could be for a new recruit to your team, or, somebody needing a simple refresher after a long break etc. In all these cases, our live training webinar can help. Attendees learn to create and manage resource lists, an overview of admin functionality and getting practical tips on how to use Talis Aspire.  To find out more, please contact us.

Google Analytics training can improve and inform your institution’s workflows and business practices. We’ll teach your staff to gather and analyse statistics captured by Google Analytics. Soon you’ll spot the most popular areas of your Talis Aspire tenancy. These insights can be used to enhance how academics adopt and use our solution.

We’ll tailor this training to suit you. To discover more, please contact us.

Our team will help you identify and target your reporting requirements. We’ll show you how to collect and run the reports your university or college needs to succeed. Your staff will learn how to record and track all your major metrics.

Many of the universities and colleges we work with value this mix of training and consultancy. To find out more,  please contact us.

New library staff starting, current team members needing a refresher or people keen to up-skill on the latest Talis Aspire functionality and workflow integrations?

These are just some of the situations where Library Practitioner Training comes in useful. It’s an ideal way to improve all your staffs’ Talis Aspire skills. Just tell us your training needs, and we’ll come back with some options.

To find out more,  please contact us.

It’s vital that academics are comfortable with Talis Aspire, and aware of all its benefits. If this is done quickly and effectively, it’ll help make sure your institution gets the most value from everything we offer.

Our team can help with this process. We can provide everything from drop-in training sessions to more targeted classroom based sessions. And we can supply a full range of practical training documents. Need to reach out to larger cohorts in your institution? Our “Train the Champion” and “Train the Trainer” cascade training is ideal.

We can tailor our training to suit your needs. To explore the options available or to find out more, please contact us.

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Bespoke Consulting

Tailored support to reach your goals

Like all the universities we work with, we know you have your own unique goals. Our bespoke consulting services are designed to help you reach them.

There are a number of ways you can use our experienced team of consultants. Recent projects include:

From the moment we set up Talis Aspire, it’s styled to your university current branding. But when this branding does evolve, we can run a project to update Talis Aspire.

All you need to do it provide us with your new logo and colours and we will work to update your tenancy. To book a re-branding project, please contact us.

Is there a specific reporting requirement that needs addressing? Something that requires specific metrics? Then we can help you. We can also help link Talis Aspire reporting with other reports. Our reports will provide an in-depth picture of any area of Talis Aspire and its usage. They will contain all the measures and dimensions you need to succeed.

Would you like to explore what’s possible with our bespoke reporting? Then please contact us.

Are your staff getting complaints that the Talis Aspire bookmarking tool isn’t recognising resources on some websites? Then please get in touch. We’ll add new bookmark recognisers for Talis Aspire free of charge.

Start by telling us the details of the site that needs bookmarking. We’ll then build you a recogniser. This will capture the information we need to make a good resource in Talis Aspire and provide seamless linking back to the resource itself.

To find out more, please contact us.

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Business Services

Practical strategic advice and expertise

Implementing a new software solution is a strategic decision. New solutions can affect many of your people, practices, and processes. Talis will work with your team to not only effectively implement Talis Aspire, but also work with your local team to support process change. As with any solution, it shouldn’t be left post setup, Talis work with your team to review processes ensuring that Talis Aspire continues to evolve, delivering effectively for your university.

Talk to us today about:

As with all new software, introducing Talis Aspire will bring changes to existing processes. This is the ideal opportunity to assess your daily workflows, and to see if Talis Aspire can help make them more efficient.

A BPR is an opportunity to review processes, settings and workflows in Talis Aspire. When a university has been using Talis Aspire for a long time it is always worth reviewing the way things are carried out, as the system can change and enhancements are added regularly. A BPR can longer-term at any point through a university’s journey of using Talis Aspire and each time can focus on different areas of the system so can be run more than once.

To explore the benefits of a Business Process Review, please contact us.

Talis Aspire is a comprehensive solution to your reading list needs. As with all software tools though, it’s crucial that it is implemented in the right way.

Some universities want Talis Aspire up and running as soon as possible. Others will dedicate a set period for implementing the solution. During this period, universities often like having Talis team members on site. In all cases, they can relax knowing expert help is available as and when they need it.

We’ll spend time to identify and make clear your specific wants and needs. Following these discussions, we’ll prepare and provide the materials you require. These might be presentations, documents or videos.

We’ll work with individual teams to deliver these materials. As part of your package, we can train your library staff. We can also work with your liaison team, to help engage early academic champions.

Your package will include a dedicated review time. This usually takes place three or six months after your project launches. There we’ll review progress, help with any issues, identify opportunities, and plan for your long-term success.

Like to explore your options with one of our consultants? Then  please contact us.

So what happens after Talis Aspire has been implemented? The most effective universities set up Talis Aspire Project Boards. A Project Board ensures that the ongoing rollout, integrations and practices of Talis Aspire are successful.

We recommend that you have one of our consultants join these meetings. They can do this in person or remotely. You’ll get direct access to their expertise and knowledge. Our consultants can help shape your monthly or quarterly priorities. They can also advise on longer-term strategic decisions.

Real-time feedback from our experts isn’t the only benefit you’ll gain. These meetings will help us understand your university and decisions in more depth. This will help us provide you with the best possible service.

To find out more, please contact us.

After implementation, it’s vital to get academics building their reading lists with Talis Aspire – and quickly.

We can help you get this right. You can call on us for on-site support to your academic liaison team. We’ll give you the strategy and the materials needed for success.

Many institutions we work with find it helpful to take full advantage of our team’s experience. They use our experts to run initial promotional sessions with potential adopters and champions. This can really help boost your early adoption rates.

To find out more, please contact us.

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Service Integrations

APIs that work for you

To get the best from Talis Aspire, it must be implemented perfectly in line with your current infrastructure. That’s where our extensive range of APIs comes in. Our APIs can be used to build deeper and more complex integrations with your systems.

Choose Talis, and you can call on us for expert help and advice with:

Do you want to make it easier to manage your user roles and permissions? Would you like to improve your adoption rates – without sending manual invites?

Then this is the service for you.

Our authentication mechanisms supports receipt of ‘user constraints’ from your Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML)-based authentication system. They tell Talis Aspire what each user logging into the system is – and isn’t – allowed to do.

To set up devolved constraints, you must schedule configuration changes with your IT team and Talis Aspire. Your IT team will need to know how to:

  • identify users needing constraint
  • make sure this is included in the SAML response sent to Talis Aspire

We can help you talk to your IT teams effectively. We’ll make sure they have all the information needed for a successful integration. Typically, this will be a day’s effort to configure and communicate the required changes. You can find out more about devolved constraints here. If you have any questions, please contact us.

There are many benefits to keeping your Talis Aspire hierarchy synchronised with your institutional systems. Traditionally though, this kind of integration hasn’t been easy.

Talis Aspire provides mechanisms for keeping your hierarchy closely aligned with a source of truth. To optimise your use of the Talis Aspire hierarchy, our consultants can help you manage this process. If you prefer, we can also develop your own in-house integration.

To find out more, please contact us.

Talis Aspire can integrate into your LMS (Learning Management System, or Virtual Learning Environment) by providing a view of resource lists related to each course or module. This lets academics put recommended reading right where students can find it.

Some colleges or universities need help with this integration. As you’d expect, Talis Aspire has integrations written for major LMS providers.

Do you need to get Talis Aspire resource lists showing in your Student Portal or Student Prospectus Site? Then please talk to us.

The Talis Aspire suite of APIs allow you to pull out resource lists for modules and courses. These can then be shown anywhere – and on any site.

Making sure resource lists appear where your students need them can be hard. We can help you and your developers to scope and put in place these kind of projects.

To find out more about our Student Portal Integration, please contact us.

Student registry departments know which courses are being run. They keep master list of codes and names of departments or schools. These are then used by different systems across the institution.

Talis Aspire uses module codes and names to structure the many resource lists the system stores. This hierarchy of modules and departments must be kept consistent with the same hierarchy the institution uses elsewhere.

Talis Aspire supports the automation of hierarchy changes. It uses an API to update nodes in the system.

Of course, colleges or universities can run hierarchy updates themselves. But sometimes they need to handle source data that’s not structured correctly. In these cases, Talis consultants can help write repeatable code. You can use this to update your hierarchy periodically.

To find out more about hierarchy updates, please contact us.