Reading Lists

Improve your student learning experiences, and support your teaching and learning strategies. They can also create major workflow efficiencies across your institution. We make it simple to create and manage resource lists that integrate fully with your current systems. At the same time, we provide powerful library back office functionality

Here's why you'd benefit from using Reading Lists

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5 Excellent Reasons to Choose
Talis Aspire Reading Lists

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Automatic bookmarking

Quick, simple, and accurate

Manually entering detailed resource descriptions ties up staff time. It can also cause errors. Our smart bookmarklet takes care of these issues, by harvesting resource metadata automatically.

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Edition Checking

Access the latest works

Our Talis Aspire Reading List will ensure students are guided to the most appropriate edition. This will help academics, and enhance your library workflows. Our solution uses high quality data sets, including the combined power of the Talis Aspire community.

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Integrate with existing systems

Seamless and real-time - Talis Aspire Reading Lists integrate with your existing systems.

They include your library catalogues, discovery services, student registry, link resolvers, SAML authentication, citation tools and bookstores. Critically, your reading lists are readily embedded in Learning Management Systems. This will support your local practices and pedagogy.

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Delivered from the Cloud

Free up your time and resources

Our proven and reliable cloud-based solution offers best-in-class service and support. You’ll be free to focus on rolling out and managing your Talis Aspire Reading Lists successfully.

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Integrated Analytics

Track, optimise, achieve

Talis Aspire Reading Lists help you understand clearly how students use your reading lists and resources. This will help you make more informed resourcing decisions. It can also improve your reading list maintenance and advocacy levels.

Choose Talis Aspire Reading lists, and we’ll help you to:

icon imageReach your strategic goals

Talis Aspire Reading Lists will help you reach your strategic goals in areas like resource management, student experience, teaching and learning, and digital. They'll ensure your students get the right materials - when, where, and how they need them.

icon imageConnect with your learners

Today's students expect to get the content they want quickly and easily. Online, offline, physical - they just want it now. Talis Aspire Reading List helps you meet their demands. Students will have a better learning experience, knowing the right resources are available and also where to find them.

icon imageKeep updated

The Talis Aspire Reading List dashboard gives academics a unique way to perform regular list health checks. As a result, they'll be able to better understand and support students.

icon imageGet automated

Library back office functionality makes stock and acquisition workflows simpler, quicker, and more streamlined. It cuts the time spent dealing with multiple reading-lists and faculty purchase recommendations. You'll be able to target your budgets more effectively, and get your resources working harder.

icon imageBenefit from joined up thinking

Talis Aspire Reading Lists fully integrate with Talis Aspire Digitised Content. You'll be able to send Digitised Content directly to students in their reading lists, the Learning Management System, and across multiple devices

icon imageJoin a powerful and growing community

The growing international Talis Aspire community helps us shape our service. By joining this community, you’ll benefit from all the collective experience of your peers. We make sure best practice is shared amongst all users, by putting on regular events.

Some frequently asked questions

How long does it take to set up Talis Aspire Reading Lists?

Our experienced Customer Services Team will make sure your setup is quick and simple. We aim to have you logging into your service within 15 days of starting your implementation project. This will assist you with your early orientation and planning.

What type of universities use Talis Aspire Reading Lists?

Our customers reflect the whole spectrum of higher education institutions. They range from internationally renowned research led universities, to those focusing on providing undergraduates with quality learning experiences.

I’ve heard Talis Aspire mention “effective course resource management”. What’s that?

Talis has introduced an advance feature set, and a Talis Aspire Digitised Content application. These two services raise the bar again for the industry. They can be fully integrated, so you’ll enjoy an institution-wide solution. Together, this will help keep even the most demanding of today’s students happy.

How do I get Talis Aspire Reading Lists?

Talis Aspire Reading Lists are available to all universities. To arrange your demonstration or to find out more, please contact