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Linking the Library and Teaching with Resource Lists

Resource List solutions have been providing the link between the library and teaching for years; the ever-increasing focus on online has made this all the more important.

In this webinar recording, you will learn how Talis Aspire integrates with your key library systems and the Learning Management system in order to provide a great experience for your students and academics.

  • James Hodgkin, University Librarian at the University of Gloucestershire joined us to talk about their use of Talis Aspire and how they integrate it with OCLC WMS.
  • Michiel Munnick, Senior Project Manager, ICT and Knowledge Management at TU Delft talked about their recent adoption of Talis Aspire, and what TU Delft expects to get from their new resource list solution.
  • Tim Hodson, Consulting Manager at Talis provided some insight into how Talis Aspire can be integrated with the VLE.

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