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Service schedule – Talis Elevate

This Service Schedule relates to the provision of Talis Elevate under a Master Services Agreement (“MSA”) signed between Technology from Sage (“TfS”) and a Customer.  The terms and conditions of the MSA apply and terms included below have the same meanings as in the MSA.

Service Description 

  1. Talis Elevate is a collaborative teaching and learning platform as currently described and identified by the domain name and delivered by the Customer’s URL as agreed in writing with TfS.
  2. The Customer creates and uploads content to Talis Elevate to allow University course students to comment and annotate showing their engagement with materials in various media. These are the licence terms that are relevant as between the Customer and any third party that has access to that content.
  3. Specific features of Talis Elevate integrate and rely on a number of customer-operated services, such as but not limited to, the institutional identity management and authentication services, the virtual learning environment,  and the student registry system. It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure the continued operation of these systems, and TfS cannot be held responsible for any damages or claims that arise from their unavailability.

Service Levels

  1. A third party service provider monitors and reports on the availability of Talis Elevate. These reports may be accessed at
  2. TfS will aim to make Talis Elevate available (except in the case of scheduled maintenance) more than 99.5% of the time, 24 hours a day. For any calendar month where the measured availability drops to 99.5% or below, TEL will, on written request from the customer, credit the customer’s account with the equivalent of one week’s free service, redeemable against the following year’s annual subscription fees. The maximum amount of free service credit that can be applied in one calendar year under this agreement is 12 weeks. To claim such credit, TfS must receive the written request from the customer within 30 days from the end of the period the claim relates to.
  3. Service credits cannot be converted to cash payments or brought forward, and if a customer chooses to terminate Talis Elevate before a credit can be applied under this scheme, the credit is lost. TfS will not apply a credit in relation to Talis Elevate availability measured by any other means or mechanism, and this pledge relates to the availability of Talis Elevate as a whole, not the availability or suitability of specific features of  Talis Elevate.
  4. Periods of scheduled maintenance are necessary from time to time to ensure continued reliability and maintain the performance of Talis Elevate. Announcements of any scheduled maintenance will be posted by TfS to Talis Elevate Service Announcements, a forum to which all customers should subscribe for alerts by email (details here). These announcements will be given with at least 48 hours notice before the maintenance is due to commence. Such communication will detail the likely impact and duration of the specific instance of scheduled maintenance.
  5. Should periods of critical maintenance, such as security patches, be required then TfS reserves the right to undertake this maintenance without advanced notice.