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Learn more about Talis Elevate

Talis Elevate enables you to:
  • Build conversation into content
  • Engage with any type of resource
  • Understand how students are interacting with content

How is Talis Elevate benefitting students?

Watch these videos from students at the University of Sussex to learn more

How have the community been using Talis Elevate?

Dr Fran Garrad-Cole, Bangor University

Nina Walker, University of Hertfordshire

Dr Jon Chandler, University College London

Download our Guide to Enabling Effective Learning Communities

  • What is an engaged learning community and why is it important?
  • 5 ways to build an engaged learning community
  • Case study from Dr Wendy Garnham on building and engaged community with Talis Elevate

Chat to Education Lead, Matt East about Talis Elevate