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Talis Insight Webinars 2021

Keeping Up With The Evolving Role Of The Library

An online event for Higher Education professionals. 27th-30th April 2021.

Day 1 - 27th April

Plenary: The Evolving Role of the Library

Liz Waller, Director of Library and Collections, University Librarian at Durham University;
Ian Snowley, Dean of Student Learning Development and University Librarian at the University of Lincoln

Talis Keynote

Alison Spencer, CEO, Talis

Talis Award Community Highlights

Hear from the shortlisted nominations for the TAUG award

Live Panel: How Teaching & Learning Is Becoming Part of the Librarian's Role

Emily McIntosh, Director of Learning, Teaching and Student Experience, Middlesex University London;
Matthew Lawson, Director, Library & Student Support, Middlesex University London;
James Anthony-Edwards, University Librarian, University of Exeter

Day 2 - 28th April

Interactive session: The Open Access Mystery 1

Hosted by the University of Essex Library

Interactive session: The Open Access Mystery 2

Hosted by the University of Essex Library

E-content at Portsmouth – was 2020 an evolution or revolution?

Ken Dick, University Librarian, University of Portsmouth

How We Ran a Reading List Service during a Pandemic

Susan Abbott, Digital Library Manager;
Simon Foote, Taught Courses Support Coordinator at the University of Exeter

Interactive session: The Open Access Mystery 3

Hosted by the University of Essex Library

Interactive session: The Open Access Mystery 4

Hosted by the University of Essex Library

Day 3 - 29th April

The Evolving Role of Library Data

Selena Killick, Associate Director at The Open University Library

How Universities Are Using Advanced MIS to Make Use of Their Talis Aspire Data

Hosted by: Tim Hodson, Consulting Manager, Talis;
Philip Adams, Senior Assistant Librarian: Content Delivery, Department of Library and Learning Services, De Montfort University;
Madalene George, Student Engagement Coordinator & Senior Library Services Advisor;
Kristy Millard, Reading Resources Coordinator, University of Worcester;
Jessica Wainwright, Library Resources Manager, University College Birmingham

Data Workshop

Run by the Talis Consulting Team

Day 4 - 30th April

Fake News! Misinformation in a “post-truth” world

Scott Chesworth, Liaison and Research Support Librarian, Keele University

Importance of Collaborative Learning in a Post-Pandemic World

Hosted by Matt East, Learning Technologies Lead, Talis;
Dr Helen Nichols, Senior Lecturer in Criminology & Director of Teaching and Learning, University of Lincoln;
Georgia Petts, Vice President Education at the University of Lincoln Students’ Union;
Dr Cecilia Goria, Digital Learning Director, Faculty of Arts, University of Nottingham

Shifting to Online: Providing Resources in a Pandemic and Beyond

Hosted by TAUG reps

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