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Talis Player for eTextbooks

Browser support

The Talis Player for eTextbooks is supported on the following browsers:

  • Safari 6+
  • Firefox 30+
  • Chrome 30+
  • Internet Explorer 10+
  • Edge

Accessibility Support


If you have any problems accessing your textbook and need help please email We are looking forward to hearing from you and are keen to help.

In the second half of 2017 we will be releasing accessibility improvements to Talis Player, if you’d like to have early access to these features please get in touch.

General tips for accessibility use and Talis Player

When studying your textbook in Talis Player as you navigate through chapters in the book the URL in the address bar changes. You may like to make bookmarks in your browser so you have a quick and convenient way of returning to it.

Talis Player will automatically load the last chapter you viewed when you return to it.

Talis Player Mac OSX – Voice-over instructions

Download textbook to view in Textbook apps

Talis Player supports option for you to download your textbook for access in the Vital Source Desktop application. More information on accessibility support in Vital Source Desktop can be found here.

  • Enter the Web Rotor
  • Go to Links
  • Navigate to 5th link down
  • Press return then Ctrl+al+shift+ down arrow to select, then Press ctrol+alt + space to follow link: this shows the Download window area on screen.
  • Return to the Web Rotor and go to Links area, select “Download” to start the download
  • Complete installation of the Vital Source Desktop app (Mac)
  • Return to Talis Player and re-enter the Web Rotor, links area, and select option “Activate” to complete installation of your book

View book content (currently loaded chapter)

  • Enter the Web Rotor
  • Go to Frames (press right arrow key)
  • There are two frames, one will be called “Jigsaw”, choose the other one

Talis Player control button

  • Enter the Web Rotor
  • Go to Landmarks and select the first Navigation item.
  • There are seven items in the menu, these are in order (left to right): Table of Contents, Print, Learning Analytics, View Full Screen, Download, Goto page, and Search
  • Go to a specific page
  • Enter the Web Rotor
  • Go to Landmarks and select the first Navigation item.
  • There are seven items in the menu, go to item 6 (using cmd + option + right arrow)
  • Voiceover will tell you “You are on a text field”
  • Press backspace a few times to delete the page number that is already in the box and type the page you want to go to (e.g. “100”) and press return. The page and chapter will oad (voiceover does not say anything)
  • View your content (See heading: View Book Content, above)

Navigating your book – table of contents – viewing a chapter

  • Enter the web rotor and go to links menu
  • Press down to enter first link in list.
  • Press control + option + shift down to enter
  • Press control + option + space to select table of content
  • Enter the web rotor again and choose “Links”. As the table of contents is on screen the links list now contains all table of contents items.
  • Select the link for the chapter you wish to view and press ENTER to select it
  • Press ctrl + option + spacebar to follow the selected Chapter link. The chapter will now be loaded.
  • See instructions for Viewing chapter

Tips and notes for voice-over

Talis Player Windows accessibility instructions

Coming soon

Talis Player iOS Tablet – Voice over instructions

Coming soon

Android Tablet accessibility instructions

Coming soon

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