Start or scale your eTextbooks project with Talis Aspire

Starting or scaling your eTextbooks initiative need not be painful

Talis Aspire already enables 65% of UK universities to manage and deliver course-related resource online. Our new workflows support the delivery of core eTextbooks directly into courses.

New capabilities in Talis Aspire support the identification, institutional acquisition and delivery of core eTextbooks directly into courses for students.

Talis Aspire reduces the barriers to start or pilot your first core eTextbooks project. When you decide to roll this out to more programmes or your entire institution, Talis Aspire will make it easy.

“At Northumbria University we’ve been developing new approaches to learning partnerships, library collections, and digital services to ensure students can read the scholarly content they need to be successful in their learning and academic performance. Talis Aspire, ebooks, and digitised content, have been central to our approach so far, and we’re excited to join the core textbook project as a development partner to collectively explore new business models and digital solutions.”


– Nick Woolley, Head of Library Services, Northumbria University

Streamlining the selection of the right textbooks

Our new embedded workflows makes it easy to liaise with faculty to engage them in the selection process. Once the academic specifies their textbooks, the library can then review and refine these selections. Talis Aspire is also uniquely placed to facilitate academic libraries to collaborate directly with publishers, negotiate and place orders.

Automated provisioning and delivery into courses

When your eTextbooks are ready, Talis Aspire automatically provisions them directly into courses. Students will discover their eTextbooks seamlessly in their online reading lists or from within their Learning Management System. With a single click, they will access their eTextbook via the Talis Player with rich learning and collaboration features.

Detailed insights to inform teaching and acquisitions

The Talis Player generates detailed insights from students engaging with the eTextbooks. This data is available to the academics to help shape better learning and teaching. The engagement data is also surfaced within the acquistions process to support evidence-based decision making for the library.

Delivering eTextbooks to 2,100+ students at De Montfort University

In our first pilot project with De Montfort University we have delivered eTextbooks to more than 2,100 students. This initiative delivered titles from five major publishers embedded directly into courses for academic year 2016-17.

“De Montfort are delighted to be involved in a pilot to embed core texts across a suite of programme modules. This will enhance the student experience through the provision of the text but also ensure it is embedded in their teaching. The subsequent review of text use and student engagement will provide a valuable resource to support student transitions into and through higher education, thus providing them with the best academic experience.”

– Alan Brine, Head of Archives and Resource Management, De Montfort University

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Hear a summary of the interview with Nadia Svirydzenka, an academic at De Montfort University, on her experience of using eTextbooks on her course. This was presented by Arunn Ramadoss, Head of Marketing at Talis, at the recently concluded Vital Source Digital Discovery Day in London.

icon imageNo artifical barriers to student adoption

There is no need for complex and artificial content discovery strategies. Students can find and access their resources from their official reading lists and Learning Management Systems.

icon imageSeamless provision of content

Student access their eTextbooks with a single click, delivered via the Talis Player and deeply embedded in their learning context - at the point of most need.

icon imageUnderstand usage and demonstrate success

Analytics provide rich insights into student use and engagement with resources to inform and demonstrate success of your initiative.

icon imageStreamline academic liaison

Engage your time-starved academics through simple easy-to-use workflows informed by the data in existing reading lists.

icon imageNew acquisition workflows drive efficiency

You will be able to build and refine core eTextbooks collections within Talis Aspire for purchase directly from publishers.

icon imageTalis Player

With a single-click, students can access their eTextbooks in the Talis Player. The player provides consistent access across multiple devices, browsers and accessibility support. See to find out more

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