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Enhancing Practical Pedagogies with Collaborative Annotation

Learn how other educators are using online tools, like Talis Elevate, to enhance their teaching and learning practice.

What is Talis Elevate? Click to watch a short video

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Enabling Effective Learning Communities in 5 Steps

What is an engaged learning community and why is it important?
We shared insights we’ve learned from working with hundreds of academics, including a
case study from Dr Wendy Garnham, Director Of Student Experience at the University of Sussex.

How Can We Lower Barriers to Entry for Students to Engage?

This guide explores some of the barriers that get in the way of student engagement, and what academics and the wider educational community are doing to address the challenges.

Talis Elevate for language learning

How Do You Select a Tool for Improving Student Engagement With Resources?

Juli MacArthur, Learning Technologist at the Royal College of Art explains how Talis Elevate has made an impact on their English Academic Purposes and Critical Historical Studies courses.

Using Talis Elevate to enhance language learning

Japanese lecturer Mikiko Kurose from the University of Nottingham explains how Talis Elevate is used on her course and the benefits of collaborative annotation for language learning.

The iTeach Online Podcast Episode 9: Talis Elevate for Languages with Marilena Minoia, Melanie Bhend, Mikiko Kurose

Helping students find their voice


Dr Wendy Garnham, University of Sussex explains how Talis Elevate boosted students’ confidence


Student Reece reflects on how Talis Elevate removed barriers of fear when engaging in class

Creating Inclusive Learning Spaces and Boosting Students’ Confidence with Talis Elevate

Hear from Aimee Merrydew, Curriculum Developer at the Keele Institute of Innovation and Teaching Excellence. Read the post.

Implementing Talis Elevate into your teaching practice

Talis Elevate or Padlet? You don’t need to choose. Find out how Helen Lovatt from the University of Nottingham combines the solutions for maximum impact. Learn more.


Dr Jamie Wood, University of Lincoln, discusses the ways he has introduced Talis Elevate to improve students’ learning experience


Suzanne Faulkner, University of Strathclyde, explains how she introduced Talis Elevate to students with simple onboarding exercises


Dr Dannielle Green, Anglia Ruskin University, explains how she used Talis Elevate to assess student engagement


Dr Cecilia Goria, University of Nottingham, explains how digital solutions were implemented during the pandemic

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