Talis Elevate

Building resource collaboration, engagement and insight into the heart of learning and teaching practice

Hear from Talis Elevate users

With Talis Elevate you can:

icon imageGain insight into resource usage

Gain granular level view into how your cohort is actually using your resources.

icon imageBuild activity directly into content

Incorporate discussion, debate, and questioning directly into your resources regardless of resource type.

icon imageShare a unified experience

Have a consistent experience across all content types. Analytics are consistent across all content types.

icon imageGather end user feedback

Students can ask questions anonymously, acting as a virtual ‘hand up’ as often used in classroom environments.

icon imageContinue with your teaching methods

No need to change the way you teach: Talis Elevate integrates with your VLE, allowing you to scaffold content as you traditionally would, or through deeper page based integration.

icon imageCustomise and tailor your teaching

Through insight into how your content is actually being used, you can adjust your teaching and delivery based on cohort interaction.

Why use Talis Elevate?

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Granular, in resource insight to inform your teaching and learning practice

  • Elevate allows you to observe how your cohort, or individual students are engaging with your content; be it documents, textbooks, video, audio or YouTube. See how and when your students are utilising your resources, page by page or section by section, alongside timeline information.
  • Improve your knowledge about an individual student’s engagement across a module with easy to digest analytics, helping you identify potential retention issues early, and trends in learner behaviour
  • Elevate sends you a weekly digest of key activity via email, giving a quick overview of your class activity
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Evidence based learning design practice

  • For the first time, see how your students are actually engaging with digital resources you use in teaching.
  • Elevate gives you the insight into how your cohort or individual students really interact with your content, enabling you to make changes based on what you observe, to both content and delivery
  • Are you trying a new approach to your teaching, such as flipped teaching or team based learning? Using Elevate you can quickly and easily see how your students are interacting with your content and course design, enabling you to make changes or intervene early.
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Consistent experience across all resource types

  • Our unified player keeps the look and feel the same, regardless of resource. You can apply annotations and add personal notes to videos just like you can documents.
  • Analytics are shown the same way regardless of resource type, allowing you to quickly compare usage and impact, regardless of the type of content.
  • Analyse student interaction across multiple content types using a unified view of data.
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In-resource collaboration and note taking

  • Talis Elevate means you don’t need to direct your students to other parts of your LMS for further online activity. With in-resource discussion activity, you can direct your students to resources in one place, ensuring the context is at the heart of your activity.
  • Great for peer review, reflection, discussion, debate, and critique of content.
  • Students can take their own personal notes on each resource as well as engaging in class based discussion all in one place.
  • Students can also engage through anonymous commenting, giving them the confidence and ability to ask questions without concern or perceived bias.
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Complements your VLE

  • Talis Elevate works within your existing Learning Management System and course pages. Lecturers and students don’t have to sign into a different tool or service, go to a different website to access any content, or to add anything to course pages.
  • You can embed individual resources, collections of resources, or a straightforward link, so you have complete control how your pages look and feel.
  • It is easy to get started with Talis Elevate, as it doesn’t require an overhaul of the teaching approach. Start with a small number of resources and quickly scale up to include more resources as you see benefits.
  • Gain a new level of insight and engagement directly within your teaching materials.

Get involved! Are you:

A lecturer:

  • Looking for consistent and deeper insights into how your students are studying with all your teaching materials?
  • Encourage more engagement and collaboration among your students around course resources?
  • Exploring new teaching methods such as flipped classroom, peer-led teaching etc?
  • Looking to gain greater insight into how your students are really using your content?

Get in touch. We would love to work with you to explore how Talis Elevate can help you achieve your goals at your institution. Fill out the form here and we will contact you.

Learning Technologist:

  • Looking to research how users interact with content?
  • Looking for ways to provide a more consistent access and consumption experience of digital course materials to students from within the VLE?
  • Exploring ways to better support your academics with deeper and consistent insights across different types of digital resources?
  • Finding ways to encourage and support different types of pedagogical approaches and evidence led change?
  • Trying to evidence engagement with certain resource types across your Faculty/School?
  • Looking for more detailed information to pull into your analytics dashboard?

Get in touch. We would love to work with you to explore how Talis Elevate can help you achieve your goals at your institution. Fill out the form here and we will contact you.