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Digital Transformation in History Teaching with Talis Elevate

Hear about how other history academics and educators are using digital tools to transform their teaching and learning practice.

What Do We Mean When We Say “Close Reading”? Collaborative reading as a way of enhancing source analysis skills
Professor Kate Cooper, History, Royal Holloway

Kate explores the role that pre-seminar discussion plays in their seminar based practice, and delves into the role Talis Elevate has played in enhancing this over the past year.

Engaging Students in Active Reading Online: Lessons from History and Heritage at Lincoln
Dr Jamie Wood, Associate Professor, School of History and Heritage, University of Lincoln

In this session, Jamie addresses the common challenges faced with getting students to engage with reading, highlight some of the tactics adopted to address this challenge and detail the role that Talis Elevate plays in this space for the School.

From New User to End User: Talis Elevate at UCL in 2020-21
Dr Jon Chandler, Senior Teaching Fellow, University College London

At the start of the pandemic, UCL Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences adopted Talis Elevate. John highlights why Talis Elevate was the tool for them, how this was implemented, the impact this has had, and plans for the future.

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