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We were recently sent the above photo from colleagues visiting Monash University ahead of Insight Asia-Pacific in Melbourne. The simple coin poll showed that the majority of voters (likely to be academics, students and University staff) chose the ‘no food’ option in favour of keeping technology. This reiterated to us how crucial technology is to the lives of academics, students and University staff and how important it is that our products are good enough to hypothetically fast for! When the
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New Year Resolution: Must sort out Reading Lists!

Forget dieting, getting fit and promising not to drink too much, New year resolutions need to be realistic! Sorting out your reading lists is something that you can achieve and one that will deliver real benefits to your university, students, academics and library.

The National Student Survey (NSS) 2014 results are out. Teaching quality has been rated the highest and is on the rise, while assessment and feedback was rated lowest and unchanged from the previous year’s survey at 72%. 2 out of the 3 Universities that share the top spot (excluding small and specialist institutions) in ratings are using Talis. Also, 50% of all institutions that share the top 10 spots are working with our modules too. We are proud to be
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