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Engagement Analytics: Teachers can quickly get a sense of class activity on a specific resource

Project Lighthouse

At Talis we strongly believe that the experience of teaching and learning with digital resources can be significantly improved if digital resources could support a more interconnected and contextual experience for teachers and learners, instead of remaining the isolated islands of content that physical resources had to be. This vision of a more interconnected content experience definitely isn’t about building yet another learning management system. Instead it is focused on providing a different kind of encounter with the digital teaching
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sue Greener

The first time I reached out to Sue Greener was when she was identified as one of our top 50 most active academics using Reading Lists in the UK. I have since had the opportunity to speak to her a number of times. Sue not only teaches at University of Brighton’s Business School, she also has a passion for eLearning. Online Learning is an area she has invested many years researching and discussing. Naturally, when Sue agreed to get involved
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Bernard Sheridan, from University of Central Lancashire, is one of the first academics to participate in the pilot programme for Lighthouse. Recently, I had a chance to catch up with him and he agreed to do a podcast with me. We talk about his interest in Learning Analytics, and why he decided to get involved in our research and development project. Listen to Bernard introduce himself in his own words, and what he hopes to achieve by working with us.
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Hey talis, are you building another VLE?

We have been asked this question several times recently. We had an interesting discussion at our recent Talis Aspire User Group meeting (TAUG), you can watch this below. And then recently I read Sheila MacNeil’s post – Living with the VLE dictator, in which she references D’Arcy Norman’s post on ’The False Binary of LMS vs Open’. If you have not read them yet, they are well worth 15 minutes of your time. D’Arcy in his post says – But.
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The National Student Survey (NSS) 2014 results are out. Teaching quality has been rated the highest and is on the rise, while assessment and feedback was rated lowest and unchanged from the previous year’s survey at 72%. 2 out of the 3 Universities that share the top spot (excluding small and specialist institutions) in ratings are using Talis. Also, 50% of all institutions that share the top 10 spots are working with our modules too. We are proud to be
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Lighthouse Logo

Lighthouse, a Talis project, will apply technology and learning analytics to enhance how digital resources are used in teaching and learning. We are launching a pilot programme starting October 2014 with partner Universities in the UK. Academics and students participating in this pilot will benefit from access to useful and consistent learning analytics across all types of digital resources used in their courses. At the recent Talis Aspire User Group Meeting, held at the University of Leicester, I had the
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