At Talis Insight Europe 2019, we held the Talis Awards 2019. A highly anticipated event for us at Talis, as it’s a great chance to reflect on the brilliant work being done by our Talis Aspire users around the globe. We are really pleased to announce the following winners and runners-up for the Talis Aspire User Group Creativity Award:

The Talis Advisory Board

Having seen so many benefits from working with the Talis Aspire User Group representatives, the team at Talis wanted to look at other ways we could engage further with universities to make the most out of the knowledge and experience within our community. In order to best hear our community’s voice from a strategic angle, we have created a Talis Advisory Board, to work closely with us as we continue to develop our business and product strategy.

This is a guest post from Sarah Field, Liaison Librarian at the University of Kent.   Preparing for our forthcoming presentation at Talis Insight Europe 2019 has given me, and colleague Emma Mires-Richards, an opportunity to reflect on the work we, with others, have been doing in the last year. One aspect that is encouraging for us as academic liaison librarians, with responsibility for collection development and engagement, is the acknowledgement outside of the library that reading lists play a significant role in
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Talis Aspire has a wealth of data available through reports.  But how do you turn that raw data into something that is meaningful and conveys information? The Talis Consulting Team have developed a workshop day, this takes a university from a point in time where they feel they are swamped with data, toward a place where information about how the reading lists and the resources they are recommending are being used by those who matter most.

Sharing experience at the Talis Aspire Day this month

Last week we held one of our regular Talis Aspire Days designed to let non-Talis Aspire users learn more about the system directly from experienced customers, helping them to shape their business case, implementation, roll-out and longer-term success plans. These are small, informal events with time for everyone to contribute, ask questions and network.