Helen Lynch, Subject Librarian Team Leader from the University of Waikato recently reached out to the Talis Aspire User Group to explain how their university library team support academic engagement through module guides. We wanted to find out more about how the module guides were created and how they are used. 

Following a formal ​tendering ​process, ​the ​Library ​of ​Trinity ​College ​Dublin ​has ​selected Talis ​Aspire ​to ​manage ​and ​deliver ​its ​online ​reading ​lists ​service ​with ​integrated copyright ​management.

Stirling work at Stirling

  The University of Stirling have been using Talis Aspire for a few years now, and have been steadily pushing themselves year on year to do more and more. Stirling create all lists on behalf of academics to ensure that the value the library brings to the use of reading lists within the university is fully realised. However, getting hold of the raw reading list from the academics can be a challenge when the usefulness of reading lists is not
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