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Using Talis Aspire Advanced Management Information System (MIS), you can easily find out about lists or items that have some data condition that you want people to care about. You might want people to care that their list is considered unloved if it has not been updated for a couple of months. Or maybe they should care that items on their list should have item importance set.  Find out how data in Talis Aspire Advanced MIS can power notifications that
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Talis Aspire has a wealth of data available through reports.  But how do you turn that raw data into something that is meaningful and conveys information? The Talis Consulting Team have developed a workshop day, this takes a university from a point in time where they feel they are swamped with data, toward a place where information about how the reading lists and the resources they are recommending are being used by those who matter most.

LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) allows you to integrate your Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) or Learning Management System (LMS) with Talis Aspire Reading Lists (find out more about LTI here). The new list view combined with LTI brings all of the student facing improvements to lists to the one place where students are most likely to see it.

Stirling work at Stirling

  The University of Stirling have been using Talis Aspire for a few years now, and have been steadily pushing themselves year on year to do more and more. Stirling create all lists on behalf of academics to ensure that the value the library brings to the use of reading lists within the university is fully realised. However, getting hold of the raw reading list from the academics can be a challenge when the usefulness of reading lists is not
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Talis API workshop

Talis has been building JSON APIs to drive the data needs of the new reviews functionality being used ‘live’ by nearly 60 customers, and is even now building even newer JSON APIs to support the new List UX refresh that was recently demoed at Talis Insight Europe.

Moodle Integration Update

This is important information for customers who are using or about to use Talis Aspire with HTTPS enabled, and who are using Moodle 2.x. If you are using the Moodle building block supplied by Talis, you will want to update your block to be the latest version which includes additional support for tenancies which have an HTTPS alias. You can view the release and the source code in our Github repository. You can find out about moving your Talis Aspire
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Moodling at the Moot

Last month Tim Hodson went to Dublin to get involved in the annual UK and Ireland Moodle Moot.  Being his first Moot he can’t do the usual comparison and say this was the best ever, but he’s adamant that the Moot was a great event and well worth the visit to Dublin City University. His main observations were: That learning analytics is a hot topic, with many unanswered questions about exactly what this means to different people: students, academics, admin staff
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Talis Developer Community and a new API

We recently started a reviews beta with a number of our customers. The new reviews functionality is designed to only show you items on lists which have changes that need some review decision to be made. In order to support the data needs of this review functionality, we wrote a new API for Talis Aspire Reading Lists which gives access to some specific information. The new API has been designed to be easily extended to suit other purposes.  And that is
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