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New feature: Report Broken Link

It’s been a tough few months with COVID-19 and all that goes with it. There have been a lot of changes for universities, academics, staff and students, and their families as we all adjust to the new normal (for now). For academics and universities, supporting this shift to completely online study has meant tracking down and sharing online resources (that have been made available legally) as swiftly as possible. The focus is providing access to resources and the need for sharing
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COVID-19 has already had a big impact on life as a whole, and this will continue for some time to come. As university staff and students grapple with 100% online teaching and study, publishers and e-resource providers are helping to support their consumers.

Talis Insight Asia-Pacific 2016 was a great event and the first Insight conference in Asia-Pacific territory, held at the Law Chambers at Monash University. The two day event which was full of thought provoking and insightful presentations showed a definitive break from the User Group meeting.  See a short recap video below:   Robert Gerrity from the University of Queensland kicked it all off with a reflection on the recent innovations in publishing and academic libraries, and looking forward to the
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