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Active Online Reading

The ‘Active Online Reading’ project seeks to investigate current practice around close reading and resource engagement in an online setting. It will produce guidance, briefing, and supporting documentation to develop academic and student practice in this area.

Talis will be supporting this project alongside the QAA, enabling student researchers to be a core part of the research activity, and development of core outputs. The outcomes from this project will be technology agnostic, allowing application using a variety of approaches and tools.

The Active Online Reading Project, Solent University

Watch a recent interview with Matt East, Education Lead at Talis with academics from Solent University.


They discuss problems they faced with getting students to read, how they solved the problem, the models they built, and the tools they used before and during the pandemic to get students engaging

Project Updates

Learn about Talis’s role in the project

Hear from the project leads about why they’re involved

Jamie Wood from the University of Lincoln talks about the project on his site ‘Making Digital History’

Putting the Joy Back into Reading, a piece by Dr Jamie Wood for the Times Higher Education

Matt East, Education Lead at Talis wrote about The Problem we Face with Digital Reading for SEDA

A chapter in Designing Courses with Digital Technologies titled ‘Collaborative Annotation to Support Students’ Online Reading Skills’ 

The launch of the Active Online Reading project

Dr Jamie Wood, Dr Jon Chandler, Dr Anna Rich-Abad


Watch the session from Teach Learn Collaborate Repeat
12th-13th July 2021

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