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Contributor of the Month – Mary Willis, University of Lincoln

Kayleigh Jane

Tell us how you are using Elevate

I use Talis Elevate on a first-year nursing module which covers everything from bed making to anatomy and physiology at a fundamental level. Initially, I used it primarily for journal articles as it allows the students to interact with one another and the academic staff which I think is more interesting for them than just being asked to read something. I am extending my use by adding in texts from Sage Catalyst and videos from YouTube, and introducing it to other modules and academic staff members, which is going well. I tend to either ask students to select sections which interest them and make comments, answer questions about the content or respond to a comment I have posted. This last option probably initiates the most interesting conversations as controversial “devil’s advocate” statements make for some great counter arguments from the students.

What impact has Talis Elevate had on your students?
Students enjoy being able to interact with one another and find that being able to read the comments of their peers helps them to understand complex concepts and information which they might be struggling with.

Give one piece of advice for someone using Talis Elevate
Don’t be afraid to just have a go! It is refreshingly intuitive to use and just trying things out is a really good way to build your confidence – I am no tech genius and I haven’t managed to break it.

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