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Introducing the Talis Green team 

Emma Dodd

April 22nd marks Earth Day, therefore we thought this would be timely to introduce you to the Talis Green team which aims to support Talis colleagues to be more environmentally conscious.

In May 2021 representatives from three different teams in Talis came together to form the Talis Green Team with our overall aim of supporting colleagues to all play our part to protect our planet and reduce waste and pollution.  Talis is a fully distributed company so the Green team had to think carefully about what approach to take to ensure all colleagues are engaged and that the incentives would transpire remotely. 

After launching in a company meeting, the Green team chat channel was created where colleagues were encouraged to share their tips on living more sustainability and reducing waste. This is where the Green team has communicated the themes throughout the year to engage in different areas. 

Plastic Free July 

This was the first focus of the Talis Green Team, encouraging Talis colleagues to reduce their plastic over the month and to share tips to help each other. Here are some of the suggestions which were shared: 

  • Beeswax wraps for packed lunches/sandwiches 
  • Use of reusable glass milk bottles 
  • Bamboo/Wooden cutlery for parties/events 
  • Jam Jars for children’s party drinks rather than plastic cups


Presenting slots at our company-wide meetings, the Talis green team introduced different themes to focus on and appeal to different colleagues. During the upcycling theme, Talis colleagues shared some innovative ways they have repurposed items, avoiding the need to go to landfills. 

Sustainable Christmas

Following on the upcycling theme, the Talis team shared with each other ways to reduce waste at Christmas. By far, the most popular idea was the reusable advent calendar, here are some of our team’s creations.


To round off the first three Green team themes, the team held a survey of all Talis colleagues to explore if the initiatives had helped them become more sustainable and think about reducing waste. 

56% of those surveyed said that the Talis Green team had helped them make more sustainable choices. Of the themes, the following were cited as the most useful: 

  • Sustainable Christmas ideas
  • Zero-waste ideas reducing single-use plastic 
  • Eco alternatives for cleaning products
  • Upcycling

Seeds into Spring

To start Spring 2022, the Talis Green team asked colleagues who would be interested in a ‘Seeds into Spring’ project, to encourage growing their own produce and something to give back to the environment. A mixture of seeds has been sent to those who expressed an interest with follow-up guidance. 

We will be watching our Green team Slack channel closely to see how the seeds progress! 

The Talis Green team are working on future themes to continue to support team Talis to be more sustainable!

What approaches are you taking? 

We would love to hear from you about what projects and incentives are taking to support sustainability and climate change. Do comment below or email 

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