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An Ecosystem of Choice: Integrating Talis Aspire and EBSCO FOLIO Systems at Okanagan College

Alison Rooney
Learn About Integrating Community and Vendor-Based Systems at Okanagan College: Talis Aspire (Resource List Management System) and EBSCO FOLIO (Library Services Platform)

Ross Tyner, Director of Library Services at Okanagan College identified the need to provide an easier way for academics to manage their course readings and resources, and to allow the library to facilitate more efficient use of print and e-resources. To achieve this, they selected Talis Aspire and began implementation and training in early 2020. Ross said “We saw that it had potential to become part of our copyright management program to provide efficiencies and improve on reporting tasks.”

Okanagan College was one of the first two libraries in Canada to adopt Talis Aspire and the Talis team worked closely with them to optimize system functionality to meet region-specific needs. 

Okanagan College and Talis worked closely together to identify any region-specific requirements and challenges in copyright to ensure a streamlined workflow and auditing process.

A year later, Okanagan College became the first library in Canada to adopt the FOLIO library services platform, contracting with EBSCO for implementation, hosting and support. 

Talis Aspire, a platform-neutral solution, integrates with many Library Services Platforms (LSP). Expanding the choice available to libraries even further by adding FOLIO to our collection of integrations, is in line with that approach.

Ross explains, “EBSCO has also invested a lot of effort in supporting FOLIO, and were already communicating with Talis prior to Okanagan’s move to the FOLIO platform. Once we adopted FOLIO, Talis & EBSCO coordinated to determine the integration points, and the companies apportioned between themselves the steps each would take, to intertwine the two solutions at the most logical junctions.

Find out more about this integration, and see integration examples in the full case study.

Download it here

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