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How La Trobe University Manage Their Library Data

Alison Rooney

At Talis Insight Asia-Pacific in January 2022 we heard from two members of the La Trobe University library team about how they collect and manage their library data. Watch two sessions below about how they set up their analytics programmes, and the stories that their data tells them.

Journey to a Dashboard! Sharing Learnings From the Understanding Digital Resources Access Behaviour Project

Andy Frampton, Senior Coordinator, Library Planning & Governance, La Trobe University

Their project aimed to tell them whether student use of digital scholarly resources correlated with student success, utilising institutional and library data, and to make it available in a way that was easy to understand.

In this session, Andy shares 7 pieces of advice he learned from reflecting on the project, and he shares the dashboard they created.

Power BI-Learning As You Go

Jamie McDonald, Senior Collections Officer, La Trobe University

Using Advanced MIS data and Power BI, La Trobe University was able to unlock an unexpected world of possibilities for both data visualisations and workflow efficiencies.

In this session, find out how the team started using Power BI and how they managed different data sources, and incorporated their library data into Talis Aspire Advanced MIS to build a full picture of their students’ activity with reading lists.

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