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How resource list data is being used by the Talis Aspire community

Natalie Naik
advanced mis

At Talis Insight Webinars 2021 in November, we heard from 4 universities about how they are using their Talis Aspire resource list data. Discover how they are making processes more efficient, and driving impactful learning analytics programs.

Discover why Universities are choosing Talis Aspire Advanced MIS for deeper analytics reporting.

Predictive library learning analytics: Understanding the impact of student reading list engagement: Lee Blyth, Northumbria University

Lee Blyth explains how they’re putting Advanced MIS data to work at Northumbria University Library. Lee explores the contribution to an institutional educational analytics program. It shows positive impact on student retention and highlights new value and opportunities this provides for the library.

Using Advanced MIS to report on KPI progress: Hannah Groom, University of Essex

Hannah Groom, Content Delivery Librarian at the University of Essex. Hannah shares their project on reporting KPI progress. This includes what data was available, how they set up the project and what it tells them about their resource list use.

Check over 50,000 URL links on reading lists in only a few hours using Talis Aspire Advanced MIS: Tim Graves, University of Sussex

Tim Graves, Systems Librarian at the University of Sussex. Hear from Tim on how they developed a script to more rapidly check tens of thousands of links from resource lists.

Lists and Usage counts by List Prefix: Sara Burnell, University of Oxford

Sara Burnell, Applications Development and Support at the Bodleian Library, University of Oxford. Sara explores how they use a list prefix to denote the department a resource list belongs to. This removed the need to use a hierarchy.

Advanced MIS provides access to rich, deep and timely insights into your reading lists and resources, and how they’re used.
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