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Who should be involved in the learning design process?

Natalie Naik

At Teach Learn Collaborate Repeat, Dr Alexandra Mihai, Assistant Professor at Maastricht University joined us to talk about partnerships and co-creation in learning design and how to effectively collaborate with other stakeholders from across the university.

To kick off the session, Alexandra asked ‘which roles are part of the learning design process at your institution?’. We ran a poll and our event attendees said:

According to Alexandra, building partnerships rely on a wider, sustained framework in order to see prolonged success. “By partnership, I don’t mean those spontaneous small collaborations here and there (which are definitely a good place to start), but building that into something bigger, for which you need support and incentives from the institution.”

Alexandra discusses the value of non-academic partners, such as students and the library in course creation and learning design, as well as the core elements that make for an effective process, such as open communication and active listening.

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